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Hi all,
I need some advice regarding CSA. I currently pay CSA for two kids from my previous marriage. I remarried a few year ago and now my wife is expecting our new baby. The question is do I need to inform CSA that I have another child living with me (once it's born obviously)? Some CSA leaflets only say you need to inform them when there's a change to work related circumstances (like getting a job or losing a job) others want a change of any circumstances....which confuses me.
The reason I'm asking is because my wife isn't really keen on having her income analysed by CSA in connection with kids which aren't hers (no, nothing dodgy going on there, just why should it be included if the kids arent hers).
Any advice highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot


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    Sorry no one has replied, maybe you posted on the csa forum in the end? If not, the answer is that depends if you are on the old system or new. On the new system (since 2003), there would indeed be a deduction to your payments on the basis of you having another child. However, it also means that if you claim child tax credits, your ex could ask this to be considered as income, therefore increasing payments (this is if your income is higher than your wife). I do believe that depending on how much tax credit you receive, your payment will either be the same after these are applied or higher so you might want to double check it is worth declaring.

    If you are on csa1, I am not too sure but going on the csa board would get you the answer.
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