NHS maternity pay/on-call hours help please!


Our baby's due on 25th June and I finally found out a few weeks ago that my pay will be calculated on my Jan & Feb salary. I work for the NHS and did some on-call work at the very beginning of January which got paid in my December payslip and then worked yesterday which I won't be paid for until my March payslip. I've been told today that even though I worked both of these shifts in Jan/Feb they won't be taken into account when they calculate my maternity pay as neither of them will be paid in my Jan/Feb payslips. Surely this cannot be the case - on average I've earned an extra £200/month during those two months which I'll now lose out on.

Please can anybody advise me about any similar experiences they have had or if anyone works in HR can they tell me what options I may have. I wonder if there might be the opportunity for my pay from yesterday to be recalculated in my Feb payslip as a one off, as a bit of a favour I guess. I spoke to somebody in my Trust about it today but I ended up even more confused!

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    I think your matenity pay should be calculated on the average pay of the preceding 13 weeks prior to commencement of your mat leave
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    Are you member of a union?
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    I would check the HMRC website in regards to the employers maternity guide (sorry I don't have a link). There's a SMP calculator on the GOV.UK website.

    I'm assuming you're paid monthly and there seems to be different guidelines for weekly and monthly pay. My qualifying period was the week before my Nov pay so my employer had to use the previous 2 months pay (Sep and Oct) to average out my SMP. Unfortunately I was receiving SSP for some of this period so my SMP is a lot less than I was led to believe as they say it's worked out using an average of the 8 weeks before the qualifying period. I wish this was made clearer to employees.

    Needless to say I wasn't impressed when I found out as I'll be down about £50 per week which makes a huge difference. Good luck.
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