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Motability 3 years Lease, After 3 years can you purchase the car? What price ?

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  • From the Motability website:

    From July, the Motability Scheme will no longer offer cars via Hire Purchase, focusing instead on the all-inclusive leasing package chosen by the vast majority of our customers. Currently, fewer than 1% of our 620,000 customers choose Hire Purchase on the Motability Scheme to buy a vehicle. The Hire Purchase option does not include the package of insurance, breakdown cover, servicing and tyre replacement which provides peace of mind to our Contract Hire customers.
    We will no longer accept new applications for Hire Purchase from 1 July 2014, however customers who are currently on a Hire Purchase agreement will see no change and will be supported through to the end of their current arrangements. Motability customers will still be able to buy their car without using the Hire Purchase option at the end of their lease, and can ask for a quote around three months before the end of their Contract Hire agreement."

  • colin13colin13 Forumite
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    they dont give it to u cheaper,than any garage would sell same spec car,,only good thing,u know cars history,so that counts for a lot
  • Hi

    I have HRM and carer who drives my Motability BMW X1. The lease was extended to 4 years as the X1 was not in the list last year. It should be this year.

    If I purchase the car on completion for my carer to use of his ow accord, how does the £6000 of extra functions such in built sat nav, phone and entertainment system as well as leather interior get the reflected on the sale price as I have made the car high spec.

    Any thoughts?
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