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TCB - Snap and Save

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    ok just found a goodfella printable moc for a free pizza

    so with the coupon AND tcb snap and save, you have made 4op

    this if everything goes to plan, and the cashback etc goes smoothly etc..

    I am going to supermarket later, but cant see if this works until monday, as my printer at home dont work:mad:

    sorry will delate the link to moc dont think links are allowed in this part of the forum

    edit..... sorry forget this post.... they have been claimed....boooooo
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  • Oh thats a bummer, still will be fun looking for vouchers.....I think
  • I wonder if this will work with reduced items. Just thinking about the salad bag which is 20p cashback. Veg gets reduced to 10p or so at the end of each day and wondered if it would come up on the receipt as the item name or just 'reduced veg' or something?

    Also this new concept could have just reinvented wombling for receipts :D ok it will be very hit and miss but worth a go!

    Going by the current offers, pankcake day on Tuesday could be very cheap if you go for Betty crocker pancakes with Nutella :T
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  • Thanks for this, have downloaded it to my phone.

    This is much better than Shopitize, which I also have on my phone, because that is store specific. Quite a bit of cashback to be had between the 2 apps, if you can shop around.
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  • Fag_ash_lilFag_ash_lil Forumite
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    Don't forget , you can only do each offer once in a 7 day period ..

    kiss-1.gif terri x
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    Just uploaded my first receipt. The app kept crashing on my phone so I used my tablet.
  • SellurgrannySellurgranny Forumite
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    Wow great offers wish I didn't have a stupid Symbian nokia - completely useless with apps like this. Can't wait to change the darned thing in March!
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  • Wow great offers wish I didn't have a stupid Symbian nokia - completely useless with apps like this. Can't wait to change the darned thing in March!

    From what I gather its online as well now.:)
  • PoppeaPoppea Forumite
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    Yes you can definitely use the online version already. I'm so glad as I don't possess a smartphone! It's very quick and easy to scan/photograph your receipt and upload it. I used it twice last week and both times the cashback was showing as payable the same day. I'm really loving this new type of cashback. :j
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  • Hey guys. I uploaded a receipt on the weekend. Where does it show that it has been uploaded and how long does it take to show and get paid?
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