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Wilkinsons Reductions thread

edited 5 February 2013 at 1:44PM in Quick! Grabbit while you can
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  • PleutPleut Forumite
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    Africat wrote: »
    Still loadsa bargains in Wilko's :T
    Been in again this morning and got:

    6 packs of always sanitary towels at 10p each...
    2 hairbrushes at 10p each
    2 tubs of nailpolish remover pads at 10p each
    4 packs of pretty polly foot liners at £1 each
    sunglasses cord 50p
    lipbalms £1

    I did hear a couple of members of staff talking about clearing it / condensing it down duing the week so reckon it will be finishing shortly & time to get Christmas stuff out...

    Ah yes I got a few pairs of PP tights for a quid each as well!
    New to this money saving lark. Any tips greatly received.

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  • KatiehoundKatiehound Forumite
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    Today's bargains!
    Teal colour electric kettles @ £5 (own brand)
    Teal colour toasters @ £6- obviously discontinued colours
    On website their other colour kettles eg red down to £10

    20% off some bedlinen

    Lots of camping items reduced- esp the larger items
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    Many thanks

  • grannybikergrannybiker Forumite
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    Display on the right, just inside the door at Chepstow...

    Prevalin Allergy anti-histamine spray 50p from £9.99!

    Beware tho', were still scanning at full price, so cashier had to over-ride after consulting her supervisor.
    Worse things will have happened in the world today...
    "The only thing that really matters, it to love and to be loved."
  • Dont know if its been mentioned before but yesterday in the Porthmadog store I picked up:

    Adult sleeping bag £2.50

    small cool box £2.50

    Lots of very good offers in the camping range
    I don't know if I'm getting better or just used to the pain.
    Bipolar for all
  • whitesatinwhitesatin Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts
    Was in our local one today (Herts) and most of the bargains had gone but managed to pick up a few bits from their Vintage Floral range (I think that's what it's called). I bought 4xrecipe books, a paper cake stand, some cup cake cases with decoration, a teabag dish and a few other bits. I only spent less than £5 in all. I needed to provide some raffle prizs for my club so now I have some!
  • Patio furniture available in the Ely Store
  • I got an electric cool box for £10. Metal drink cannisters for 50p ( red and a blue one). They were doing walkers stick gift box for £1, sleeping bags for £2:50, picnic dishes for 50p etc
  • Raine_E_DayRaine_E_Day Forumite
    810 posts
    Ninth Anniversary 500 Posts Photogenic

    Online only I think. Good reviews. 230 in stock at time of posting.

    I have just collected mine - purchased in response to post last month but can't find it - may have been HUKD, but didn't post then as soon OS. It's easy to carry (I had to walk a mile home with it) as it is very light and comes pre-wrapped with shoulder strap.

    Not a garden parasol but I bought it to fix to balcony railings - brilliant as it tilts.
    “Rain drops are not the ones who bring the clouds.”
  • REENREEN Forumite
    545 posts
    Solar garden lights reduced in Bolton but not many left. Crackle glass globe colour changing ones reduced to £2.50 from £9. Metal spiral plant supports and arches £2.50.
  • November2November2 Forumite
    923 posts
    Part of the Furniture 500 Posts Combo Breaker
    Beach parasols are instore too, at £2.50
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