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Making cash from online survey sites - new MSE guide

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  • I complete surveys for several sites and get regular small rewards in cash or vouchers. So far this year (2019) I've received:
    £4 M&S vouchers from GFK Media.
    £15 Amazon voucher from Opinion People.
    £10 Amazon voucher from Your Water.
    £10 Amazon voucher from Expert Outpost.
    £50 cheque from New Vista.
    £50 cheque from Populus Live.
    £10 Amazon voucher from Shopper Thoughts.

    BUT my recent claim for a £10 voucher from Opinion Outpost was rejected (I had more than enough points) and my membership was suspended without any warning, explanation or right of appeal. They had sent me a voucher in Sept 2018 without any problem, and I had continued to accrue points since then. In reply to my email, they simply said I had breached their conditions and my points were forfeited. They haven't answered my demand to know exactly why. So they allowed me to do more surveys until I next claimed, then rejected me. I consider that to be fraud, even if only for £10. I have been working for them for nothing. DON'T TOUCH THEM!
  • BachSoonBachSoon Forumite
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    I am currently doing Qmee, prolific academic and onepoll. Didn't realize get on with swagbucks.

    What survey sites do you use for earning a bit on the side?? :money:
  • rjmachinrjmachin Forumite
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    My favourite is swagbucks.

    I am getting around £50 per month at the moment. Taking advantage of the bonuses, by reaching your daily goal, monthly goal, playing swago and the team challenge help to boost the SB balance.

    For the swago, I just go for the 50SB rather than the 300SB because I don't really have the friends who would be interested in it, and they do not like it when pretend to be a friend. I have been banned once for doing that. Had to grovel to be allowed back on.
  • mjm3346mjm3346 Forumite
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    MSE guide is here

    I would ignore surveys on Swagbucks as they can pay as little as 10p or less for every £1 some of the survey sites pay.

  • BennettxoxoBennettxoxo Forumite
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    Qmee and Prolific are my favourite too.

    I also use OnePoll, PollPass and One Pulse. They're slow earners but they're fairly consistent with questions popping up every few hours.
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  • Nick_CNick_C Forumite
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    Not cash, but is anyone else having problem getting Avios from e-Rewards or Rewards For Thoughts? They used to credit promptly but are currently not going across. I've raised a ticket and e-Rewards have simply said it can take up to five weeks, and I have to wait.
  • Hey guys, just started up a new email address and have joined a couple of survey sites. Anyone have any tips to making a success out of this? :)
  • nandrewsnandrews Forumite
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    Don't let me be a downer, but the cash won't start rolling in and yet you will find it very frustrating sometimes. You'd think the survey companies would be leaning over backwards to make it easy and rewarding to contribute. But my experience is they just want the numbers and they want them as quickly and cheaply has they can.
    So don't be disappointed by being invited to survey after survey and find you are rejected at the start, in the middle or even near the end! You don't get diddly unless they are satisfied with your contribution!
    But heh! I am still doing them and it's not been unrewarding.
    So don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed. Enjoy the questions which sometimes can be fun. Get on many survey panels then you can pick and choose which you want to respond to.
    Come back here and share any problems or queries you have.

    Good luck
  • adg89adg89 Forumite
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    I have been using Prolific for two months and have earned almost £40 so far, however MSE states that it charges fees and commissions to withdraw. As someone who has withdrawn on multiple occasions, I can confirm that this is not true.
    Also, another good site which I could not see in your list is the app-based Qmee where you can cash out to Paypal (no threshold) and surveys are sent daily (5p-£2 but most are around 30-50p).

  • Just a word of warning about Pinecone. I signed up a while ago and for a long time everything was OK and my points balance built up nicely. But then I stopped receiving surveys for a few months. I raised the issue to be told that my account had been suspended for non-compliance, presumably for not completing any surveys! My account was reinstated and I recieved another survey which unfortunately arrived whilst I was out of the country and was unable to complete. The next survey arrived a couple of months later - coincidently a year and 4 days after my previously completed survey, thereby giving Pinecone the excuse to cancel my points balance (worth well over £100) on the basis that I had not completed any surveys for a 12 month period. I feel that Pinecone engineered this situation. I've complained but to no avail. They will not accept that the vast majority of this inactivity was due to their inactions. So just be vigilant and if you don't receive any surveys for a couple of months get onto it straight away. Not happy at all.
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