The Great 'Cheap internet dating sites' Hunt



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    Said to my husband the other day that we should both sign up to one of these sites and see if they match us. Anyone ever tried this???

    Wasn't that the pina colada song?
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  • Hubby and I met on Plenty of Fish (I'd seen it advertised on Facebook and thought why not?). I was really lucky that he was the first person I met and happened to be Mr Right but he'd met a few girls from there before me and reckoned a lot of them were a bit crazy or had loads of kids. I did get a lot of dodgy messages from blokes but I just ignored them. I guess you get good and bad on all, though.
    Another friend of mine met her hubby on and they just had their second baby :)
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    keet83 wrote: »
    Thanks for refering to me as a crazy ;)

    Haha Yeh me too! ;)

    I used Plenty of Fish and am still happy over a year on :)

    Went on with a view more to meet new people than anything. Turns out the first guy I met was the one for me. Only took us 9 months of friendship to figure it out!!
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  • I tried Midsummer's Eve a few years ago and was plagued by weirdos indeed. However my friend married a man she met on there in 2009 and now baby number 1 is on the way.

    My husband and I met on okcupid so another vote for that!
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  • Ok Cupid worked for me... I suspect though that this could depend on your location, meaning that there aren't as many users as a lot of other dating sites, but despite there being fewer, the members on Ok Cupid generally seemed really nice on the whole. If you live somewhere far from densely populated areas, the problem you might find is simply that there aren't that many suitable people local to you, in which case you may struggle with it.
  • I've used both Plentyoffish and Oasis and had a few good dates off both of them, although there are more people on PoF. I also met my current girlfriend on PoF and we have just started living together, so a big thumbs up from us :)
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    Oasis-seemed like to much hassle having to accept requests and the like-never got anywhere with that
    OkCupid-met a few people, had a few dates but there seemed to be more timewasters/players on that site
    POF-good amount of people, took a while but i met my now bf on there (have been together 8 months and all is going well)

    Didn't see the point in paying
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    Said to my husband the other day that we should both sign up to one of these sites and see if they match us. Anyone ever tried this???

    Are you hoping to confirm compatibility or provoke separation?
  • I have used I met my partner and we have been together for 3 years now. The site was free and very good but there are some cautionary notes! If a profile lacks any pictures, or full details of the person avoid. A lot of men looking for one night stands are lurking in there as my partner found. We suggest you use the internal chat system initially. If you are going outside of the site then give them a web address you have set up for e mail just for dating. keep your own mail address and mobile until you know more about them and are confident they are not a faker. The basics of the site are the same as the paid for sites and work well. I only had one niggle in that I removed my profile when we met and started dating. 2 years later my ex wife advised she had seen my profile...must have been a good match then! it has now been removed I hope. Always a danger with free sites that non genuine people use them but you soon get wise to those. As with any site be careful who you agree to meet etc as anyone on a free site wont have been vetted in any way.Then again how well do paid for sites check you are not a danger I wonder. :)
  • I have tried lots of sites, some for free and some I have paid for. POF was a mixed experience with very few suitable people but much better than the weird and not too pleasant men on girls date for free. After many years of not finding anyone on the free sites I tried e-harmony. That was a complete waste of money, with hardly anyone nearby, you can't search for anyone and most of the 'suitable' applicants (e-harmony's opinion) had no photos posted, were well outside my area and age range. Since I love ballroom and latin dancing I thought about dance lover but have seen the same people on there as on POF who don't even mention dancing let alone wanting to dance!
    Might, having read the bloggs, try Oasis but after 8 years of searching and only 5 dates (most only for one date) I don't hold out much hope.
    Tried at great expense singles clubs but no luck there either. Too many women and no single men!
    Not sure it makes much difference whether you pay for sites or not.
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