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    I thought this had been going on for a while to be honest.

    It is as you say very sad.
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    It probably is true, there are too many dogs given up, many, although without medical problems are not sociable enough to fit in with a new owner.

    Don't blame the dogs or the RSPCA, blame the puppy farms and the thoughtless twonks that don't get their dogs neutered, also those that take on puppies and dogs as if they are a disposable items.

    The RSPCA whilst receiving a load of charitable donations, does not have the land space.

    However, they are a bit too picky on who they rehome to, I've had 3 dogs from the local dog rescue (bears the RSPCA badge, but is not RSPCA run), have had them from the ages of 7 or 12, and loved them until the end, but our garden, although large, is now not 100% enclosed, so I would not be considered - mad isn't it?
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    Nothing new there. It's sad to see.
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    The facts are though there are too many unwanted animals and not enough people who want them...
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    I used to be a big supporter of the RSPCA, but wanted to adopt one of their dogs about 5 years ago. We were told we were unsuitable, despite me working from home 2-3 days a week, and a dog walker lined up for days when I was not (the dog walker having walked our previous dog, and also being a trained dog behaviourist). The maximum the dog would have been alone was 3 hours. The dog we were interested in was three years old, and it would have been our fourth rescue.

    I heard a rumour that the dog we were interested in was put down. I do hope it wasn't so.

    The local independent rescue jumped at the chance of us adopting one of theirs, and we successfully rehabilitated a frightened (and aggressive) GSD instead. She's now the best behaved dog at the park and regularly gains praise from passers by for her gentleness, social nature and obedience.

    I went from being pro-RSPCA to mostly anti. Which is a shame, as some of the local branches do some great work.
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    CrazyAngel wrote: »
    Do you have an alternative solution? :huh:

    The article states 53,000 and that represents less than half of the animals it takes in.

    I'd be interested to hear alternatives for those 53,000 animals.
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    I would hope that they make enough money to keep all healthy animals alive. To be fair to them of the 56,000 dogs and cats and animals they put down only 1,200 could have went to homes. They do have 26 million in reserve bough so it's a pity they couldn't find the cabs to keep than until they could find homes
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    I have never been a supporter of the RSPCA I'm afraid, so this doesn't surprise me in the least.

    They have always seemed more of a 'business' than a caring support network.

    I support the SSPCA and the Dog's Trust which have both managed to retain a more caring ethos. (Imo.)
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  • To be honest I thought it was pretty common knowledge. It's just not possible to keep every unwanted dog alive.
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