Dilemma- would like advice and opinions please.

Ive found myself in a complicated position regarding work.

The background-

Im 60. my partner is ten year younger than me and is disabled and unable to work. Son lives with us and is at the moment recovering from cancer and struggling to find a job.
We live in rented accommodation and because I work full time get no help with rent or council tax.

Now the problem- the job I have is very physical and for the last few months I have been struggling to cope with it. I have looked for other jobs but there are none available and being a 60 year old femail any I have applied for have not even got to the interview stage as probably they consider me too close to retirement. I am due to reach pension age in exactly 12 months time. At the moment I am off work sick as I have had some sort of virus and been really unwell for the last 2 weeks. I actually feel frightened of going back to work, the job is so hard and to be honest I havnt felt well enough to cope with it for the last 6 months or so. But, I cant afford to give my job up, we just about manage as it is with my wage. Its like catch 22, I know in 12 months I can get my pension but I cant see me coping with my present job for the next 12 months due to the physicality of it (there is nothing work can do to make it easier for me).
I cant just quit either but the thought of going back in to work is making me feel worse.
I probably just need a kick up the behind but age is just creeping on so fast!


  • What happened to you six months ago to make you change the way you feel about your job?
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    Can you give yourself things to look forward to at the 3, 6 and 9 month stages? This will break up the year into more manageable chunks.

    Planning and preparing for something in the future can help in these situations.

    Depends on individual circumstances of course but a weekend away at the end of March. Then looking forward to a special outing or event at the end of June. You get the idea.

    Many people feel low at this time of year but you have managed to cope with difficulty in the past and 12 months is not such a long time. Good luck and I hope the new year is a bit easier for you.
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    I think all employees are now allowed a statutory minimum of five weeks' holiday per year - make sure you plan how to best use these from your point of view. It may be that having a week here and there when you feel it's all getting too much, would be better than having say three weeks in the summer. Or maybe having several long weekends would suit you. Plan for the year. And good luck.
  • Thank you for the replies. There was nothing specific happened 6 months ago, its just that the job is very physically demanding and not to put too fine a point on it - Im just getting too old:o I come home aching every day.

    Im a 60 year old woman working with a much younger bunch of people and just about managing it. But it gets harder every day and its having a knock on effect on everything else.
    Basically its a case of the the job is to hard for me but I cant afford to quit and cant find anything else.
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    Have you talked to your doctor and occupational health about taking early retirement .

    Would your workplace allow you to do reduced hours over this year to get used to the retirement which is looming. I actually thought most firms did this anyway.

    Could you get carers allowance as it sounds as if you are looking after hubby and son?

    You need to look at all your options. Do you own your own home? If you rent you may be entitled for some help.

    It is difficult to advise on your job as we don't know what type of physical lifting you are doing. Have you been taught how to lift or had manual handling training. No one should be lifting anything that is causing them pain
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    Have you asked your employer if there are any other roles in your company which might suit you?
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    If you are 60 now, I would check on yur pension because I believe you wont get it until after you are 62 or so.

    What benefits does your OH get and presumably your son is contributing to his keep too.
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
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    You need a proper calculation of what you would get if you gave up work, either because you could no longer do the job or because you chose to do so, and a check that you're each claiming the benefits you're entitled to.
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    You mention your pension - do you mean the State pension, or do you have an occupational one as well?
  • Thank you for the replies.

    I know my state pension becomes payable in January next year, I have checked that.

    I also know there are no options at work, wherever they put me, all the jobs are physical in some way, some involve more lifting than others but im probably in the best department I could be. It was fine a couple of years ago but lately Ive just not felt well at all.

    I don't have any other pension so when the time comes I will have to see if we can get any help with the rent etc. I don't know how I can find out what we would be entitled to if I gave up work as it goes against you if you give up voluntarily I would have thought.

    Another problem is that my son is on JSA and so is not contributing much at the moment but he is recovering from chemo and is struggling to find a job. He wants to move away eventually but he is not in a position to do so until he finds work.
    My partner gets ESA, DLA and Industrial Injuries Benefit but that alone dosnt meet the rent etc.

    I feel trapped, killing myself in a job I cant manage. I cant get carers allowance for either of them as my partner is not on the higher band of DLA and sons cancer is not terminal, thank God.

    Its just getting so difficult to keep up.
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