Tesco Clubcard fraud - online vouchers stolen



  • terra_ferma
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    If this is not true Tesco will kick up a fuss with MSE and the thread will disappear, posters may well be banned as well.
    Mind, the thread could still disappear even if it's true, if Tesco threaten legal action.

    I'm 50/50 on this one, it's unusual that only one case is from someone who was already a MSE member (which could be a genuine isolated incident), considering how many members collect Tesco vouchers and wait until they have a lot before using them to get the best value.

    If it's not true I hope Tesco post a response instead of asking for the thread to be deleted because that would still leave some doubts in people's minds, and rumours would still spread.
  • Jeff_Bridges_hair
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    beefinbed wrote: »
    Most of the people that have written in this forum have only posted one or two messages? Im thinking trolls???

    Not really, a lot of people only find this forum or join when they have a problem - whats wrong with that - it appears you're not quite the active user either so are you a troll just for trying to flame a situation?

    This pretty much sounds like clubcards database has been accessed by some naughty people as even though some could be phishing scams there seem to be too many large amounts going missing. It takes a while to accumulate £200 qorth of points I reckons o maybe peoples accounts are being monitored and then spent when they get to a decent sized pot.

    I do hope Tesco as the last thing they need right now is another scandal which could be bigger than the horsemeat food one.
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  • pmduk
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    Tesco do seem to attract a lot of trolls, one in particular, who delight in making up stories (and falsifying documents on occasion), to satisfy their own particular [STRIKE]beef[/STRIKE] issue with them.
  • Pawan_2
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    With regards to trolling, I don't think you'd bother looking up such a remote thread - you are only going to find this thread if you've actually had a problem with tesco clubcard fraud, and done a search to see if others have had the same problem.

    I might not be a very active MSE member in terms of making posts, (but I'm not a troll!) but I have been a MSE member for some time, and had only posted the original message in case anyone had suffered the same problems that we had.
  • Fire_Fox
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    Even if you think you have good internet security it would be worth heading over to the Techies board and seeing what you can improve upon - different e-mail address, safer browser, CCleaner, non Windows antispyware and antivirus.
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  • sheils6
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    edited 15 February 2013 at 9:58AM
    Just had the same happen to me. Tried to log into my account and it said my email wasn't registered. Phoned Tesco to discover my email had been changed and all my vouchers (£224.50) spent.
    Tesco is refunding all my vouchers but not until the May statement which isn't handy as I had been meaning to spend some.
    Wish I had seen this post earlier. I am not going to save them up any more.

    Just like to point out I am a long time member of MSE with lots of posts.
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  • chrsfrm
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    I am one of those infrequent posters, usually only when I encounter a problem. We come here to get help.....not be labelled as potential Trolls. Disgusting comment...that poster.

    We all have had a problem. The number is growing. There is an issue here. Recommend we all file the forms as suggested Police and ICO.

    I am awaiting a call from Tesco, who to be fair seem to be dealing with this, albeit not telling the full story I think. They say I will get my vouchers back but prob not till May, so that's my Spring Cosmos holiday gone.

    Also, I need to know what happened.....or how can I fully protect myself in future.
  • peachyprice
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    Is there any common ground bewteen all of you? Do you all shop in the same stores or were your stolen vouchers all spent in the same stores or around the same time?

    Tesco don't seem to be doing much, maybe you can piece together a pattern by sharing info.
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  • sheils6
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    edited 15 February 2013 at 10:31AM
    It looks to me as if people with large amounts of vouchers have been targeted which would suggest an insider is involved.
    I live in SW Scotland so doubt it is to do with the stores I visit. Tesco are supposed to be investigating with their own Fraud Dept.

    How do peeps know where their vouchers were spent there is nothing next to mine to say?
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  • vikingaero
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    Couldn't someone who is bored and has the time use random letters to create codes similar to theirs?

    For example:


    And then just randomly change a couple of characters.
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