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2013 Frugal Living Challenge

edited 22 December 2013 at 12:23PM in Debt-free Wannabe Challenges
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  • quintwinsquintwins Forumite
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    Is it just me who thinks you should all stop beating yourself up? your family budget should suit YOUR family not everyone elses, my budget is low but my rent is £150 and theres no council tax or water rates over here which is most peoples big costs.

    Can't wait til new year to get started, 2013 should be a big year for us :)
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  • I made my very own home made pasta today for the very first time. I pay 39p for the same amount in tesco value pasta but when we get our hens it'll be even cheaper :) although will be a while before then

    Ooo I must dig mine out fresh pasta is yummy, thanks for the reminder.:T I shall add that to my frugal meal plan ideas. I too would love some chickens but they have to go on my dream list for the moment.
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  • looking forward to all my challenges just not sure how to get started. I have Sunday planned for going through paperwork and doing spreadsheets for budgets etc.
    I need to do inventory of fridge/ freezer/cupboards and meal plan for month then I can do shopping list. but after all that what next.

    any thoughts anyone please
    You've reminded me that I need to get my butt in gear and get my budget sorted. Last year I kept a spends diary plus a spreadsheet which I fould useful. I kept all my receipts in a different wallet for each month too just incase I wanted to compare the price of something.
    I am just in the process of putting together a frugal file of meal ideas and I have decided to do one with brilliant frugal tips to help my when I feel like falling off the wagon (definetely adding making fresh pasta re the last few posts) may get quite some wearing!;)
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  • I have decided to do my target monthly as it is more realistic for me and will keep me on track otherwise i will get very confused! I think i am frugal but am hoping to learn new ways!
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  • pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
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    I think I am going to end up with a budget of 20 grand! which doesn't seem vaguely frugal. I need to think some more.

    Oh dear!

    I'm in a similar boat on the budget front, and it does seem extreme and lavish compared to some here. That said, our annual income is a fraction of what some folks on DFW earn, but the only debt to our name is the mortgage. Guess it just goes to show that everyone's in a different scenario.

    Whichever end of the budget scale you're at, we are all united by the common goal of taking a tighter control of our finances and getting the best bang for our buck. Either way, there is plenty of food for thought on this thread. It is only by cutting back that you start to learn what you cannot live without.
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  • MerleMerle Forumite
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    I like lots of others have spent far too much this Christmas trying to make my family and friends happy. When will I ever learn? Its time to make myself happy by living a frugal life free from debt. I've done it before and I need to get back on track. Please add me to the list this year I am going to take up the frugal challenge in earnest and make it work for me. My family I am afraid are quite selfish and take a lot of things for granted. I still have three grown up children at home who see me, since I finished work, as their personal slave. They contribute very little to the household budget and they are going to get quite a shock in 2013. The meals I will cook will be very nutritious and healthy but well within my frugal budget. For once I am going to concentrate on the needs of myself and my DH. Good luck everyone keep at it don't let anyone put you off.:)
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    *Jellie**Jellie* Forumite
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    I'm working on how to adapt the budget and challenge so it will work for me. OH is on board with the goals and ideas but is not on MSE. It doesn't seem right to get him to join in with challenges as he approaches a frugal life in his own way and generally has done better than me!

    I think the best thing is for me to run a budget for the areas where I do and control most of the spending. To make things easier I won't worry about including our mortgage (which is fixed for a couple of years), utilities (which hubby regularly checks and makes sure we are on the best deal) and anything else where I do not have control.

    Yesterday I went through my statements for the last 4 months to get an idea of the spending on groceries and petrol. I already meal plan and batch cook but I'm sure I can reduce our groceries bill so I've set an aspirational budget figure. Petrol is unlikely to be reduced as we already walk where possible etc. My plan today is to work out a budget for the other areas in my full control and not be a perfectionist by feeling I haven't done this 'properly' ;)
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  • Jellie I don't include things I can't control either - rent, don't repayments and national insurance payments. These things are fixed for me and therefore I set a seperate budget aside or those things and only include on the challenge those things I can control :)

    Still have my £6 from 2012 budget to last me until the new year and already have some money in my "additional income sheet" which is money I earn/get in addition to that which I expect :) so far £10.88 dec Isa interest and £75.00 extra earnings from dec but taking for 2013 as won't need anything else in 2012.

    I could so easily reduce my petrol and must! I have a dual fuel car but limited to one petrol station and I'm rubbish at going there. Need to get better at judging usage as it is almost half the price of petrol!!!!!
    DFW since JAN 2009 - 2014 will be the year i finally clear debts :) Just to see which month :))))

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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    i visited the local market today to buy some frugal fruit and wasnt a particularly pleasant experience as is was tipping it down with rain....i did however get a large bowl of apples for a quid so plan to bake some for tea...havent got to grips with the budget as such yet still thinking about the details

    with regards to hm pasta i have done it at school without a machine just rolling it thin seemed to work ok
    regards tess
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  • Tbh tessie I think making the dough and rolling out and slicing strips would be less time consuming lol. It's just another silly gadget but my mum LOVES! Her gadgets lol. I found the pasta kept us all much fuller for longer than the dried value variety!

    Made another small loaf today (mum has a mini breadmaker) but let my 6yr old daughter put everything in. Best loaf we've ever made lol. Maybe following the measurements exactly is more important than I remember ;)

    Chicken stew (Xmas left overs hm stock) with dumplings in a pan on the oven! We had brunch at 10.30 so dinner at 3 then tea will be this evening as we are off home tonight :) been staying with parents since Monday evening! Loved every minute of it :)
    DFW since JAN 2009 - 2014 will be the year i finally clear debts :) Just to see which month :))))

    One adult + 4 children + dog
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