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2013 Frugal Living Challenge

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  • I'm joining as I need to get into a regular savings habit and I also want to cut down on some of my 'less necessary' expenditure. That spreadsheet is brilliant, thanks. I don't have any rent/bills expenses on there as although I pay a share towards them it comes out directly from business I run with ex (it's his house too) so I've just worked out what to do with my actual income into bank account each month.
    Don't normally spend as much on that as clothes but I'm doing well dieting and all my trousers are falling off! So I'm going to hit the sales in Jan and also probably (I hope) need to buy some more stuff again in another 6 months.
    Cigarettes, ouch, going to give up again next year once I've finished dieting so hope to be well under budget there. I know I could reduce the budget in some areas but it's been a crap 2012 and I deserve a few nice times in 2013! I'm determined not to go over on anything though.
    Mobile Phone 150.00
    'new life' savings 6200.00
    Hairdresser 120.00
    Mags/books/treats 150.00
    Leisure/hobbies 500.00
    Presents 350.00
    Breakdown Cover 120.00
    Cigarettes 1046.00
    Holiday savings 500.00
    gym 228.00
    clothes + shoes 200.00
    parking 416.00
    kw equipment 50.00
    Drink 200.00
    Groceries 1300.00
    Toiletries/Cleaning 120.00
    lunches 150.00
    misc 200.00
    [STRIKE][/STRIKE]I am a long term poster using an alter ego for debts and anything where I might mention relationship problems or ex. I hope you understand :o
    LBM 08/03/11. Debts Family member [STRIKE]£1600[/STRIKE], HMRC NI £324.AA [STRIKE]137.45[/STRIKE]. Halifax credit card (debt sold to Arrow Global)[STRIKE]673.49[/STRIKE]Mystery CCJ £252 Santander overdraft £[STRIKE]239[/STRIKE] £0 .
  • could i join please x
    :p princess moo born 25/11/2009 :p
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  • Savvy_sewingSavvy_sewing Forumite
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    During 2012 I spent more money then I would like to admit to myself never mind anyone else, on paying for the useless grown up children of mine.! I was in a good place at the start of the year, and by the summer I had saved nearly £1500 I think. But I ended up with it all gone, and the twins and DS are on a stupid JSA sanction, again for missing an appointment, (No bus money to get there, and now NO BENEFITS FOR 3 MONTHS!!) And as they live on thier own, how do you expect them to live? Muggins here.
    Well I have said I cannot do it anymore. Not because I dont want to, but I just cannot.
    How they will live???? God alone knows.
    Twin1 seems to be coping a little better, but still during the year I have had to sort out rent arrears, council tax arrears etc, due to benefits being messed around.
    Twin2, the cost has been into several hundreds towards the end of this year after her money was sanctioned, and her rent is now around £1,000 in arrears.
    DS was paying off his debts, via my bank accounts, but since his sanctioning in November. I have been paying his bills, at some £134 a month, not to mention al the extra money that they have all had for Electric, Food shopping and Gas at times. Oh and busfairs.

    IF i was not helping them, I would have achieved my Goals, and had a nest egg started.
    IF I keep doing the spread sheets, then perhaps I will be reminded not to Pay out anything on them.
    So here goes for 2013 back on a budget, and aim to live on around £9,000 (Figures will need looking at and tweaking etc and will do that in the first few days of the new year when I have more time).
    When I die I will know that I have lived, loved, mattered and made a difference, even if in a small way.
  • natnat13natnat13 Forumite
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    Arrh Mooloo thats really hard, we would all do anything for our kids but maybe it is time for some tough love! Good luck x
    Mum, student, worker, dog mum, partner.
    Keen to live a healthly lifestyle and save money
  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    hi...merry christmas, could i please be put onthe list for next year....i will have a think about our budget and post it later

    thankyou tessa
    onwards and upwards
  • I would like to join in please . Im not sure yet about figures but will add them when I can.
    We are are a family of 3 ,me my OH and DD. plus 1 dog. we seriously need to cut down on everything but unfortunately my OH is not on-board at moment but hoping he will change when he sees the benefit.
    You can if you think you can .
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    BuffythedebtslayerBuffythedebtslayer Forumite
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    Hope you don't mind Frugaldom, I nicked your budget as an outline, edited it and confused the life out of myself.

    All totals are monthly,

    Rent = 750
    Mobile = 30
    Electricity = included in rent
    Telephone & Internet = included in rent
    TV = included in rent
    Car insurance = included in rent
    Council Tax = included in rent

    Transport Costs = 200 (petrol and budget for car fixing)
    Groceries = 150
    Toiletries/treatments =100(v bad skin)

    Footwear & Clothing and Gifts = ?? (am clueless I generally spend this out of my spending money from my second job) (which I haven't included!!!)

    Household Pets = 120 (insurance for puppies and savings for gp vets)

    debts= 221 per month min. (but want to pay more.)

    Monthly total = 1571

    1571 X 12 = 18,852

    I think I am going to end up with a budget of 20 grand! which doesn't seem vaguely frugal. I need to think some more.

    Oh dear!
    Debt Free as of 26/07/19 (third time is the charm!)
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  • Savvy_sewingSavvy_sewing Forumite
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    My first attempt is bringing me in at around £10,500.! I want it too be around £9,000 or less but it will mean drastic changes. So i will have to have a good life balance thought.
    (Without paying for the kids at all will be a miracle and they are not included.).
    As I am on my ESA, Tax credits, Child benefit, and the Guardianship allowance. I am currently relying on the system, which as we all know is going to change. I am I fear in Rent arrears due to a problem earlier in around two years ago, and my HB is not paid in full. I was in credit until september, I think it was. But havent had a review for a while, (Or done my own, and I think that I will now owe them a few hundred pounds.) I will check in the new year.
    I am expecting a visitor today, so I better tidy up.
    When I die I will know that I have lived, loved, mattered and made a difference, even if in a small way.
  • Hello
    I would like to join (am new to MSE) as I would like to save as much as possible in 2013 but I'm not sure if I'm right for this thread - I live in the Channel Islands where everything is so expensive. I'm not sure whether I'm best to just watch as I doubt I'll have much to impart :-S
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    Thanks for the add Frugaldom :T

    Hi to everyone :wave:
    Sealed pot challenge member number 18 :)
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