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Did post this on someone's else, but thought I'd start my own as I found I had more questions!

I'm giving my daughters (4 and 2) my old iPhone for Xmas. Will they be able to still play all the apps on the phone as I'm getting a new iPhone? I'm gona have the same apple id, so just checking they'll all still work both on my new phone and their one.

Just thinking though, some people might have an iPad and iPhone with the same apple id, so how does that work? I really am a bit clueless about these things.

Plus, what's the difference between an iPod Touch and an iPhone, just the fact that one can make calls?

I don't have an iPad, but assumed apps were bought in a similar way to an iPhone - do you have to plug it into your computer like an iPhone?

And finally, question after question! How would people suggest I go about rationing apps for my older daughter? At the moment, she always wants some upgrade to some colouring game she's playing, she accepts no, but I just wondered what other people did. Let her buy 2 apps a week for example?
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    You can register different devices with one apple_id. If you don't want to do that for whatever reason, you can also manually download the apps by entering the appstore and logging with your apple id details directly from your iphone/ipad/ipod touch - as long as you have an internet connection in your device you can download the apps directly (without plugging your iphone to the PC)

    In practice, the main difference between iphones and ipods (touch) is that you can't make calls from the latter. Technically, software is the same, and the hardware is very similar. ipod touch is a bit thinner than iphone, though. Btw. you can browse the internet from an ipod touch, as long as you're connected to a wi-fi network.

    Can't help too much with parenting your little girls, I'm afraid .. Not yet-)

  • Use the same ID for both devices. Presumably you already use iTunes to download stuff to your mac and to your iPod Touch? Same thing.

    Don't upgrade an app unless they consistently play with it for a couple of weeks (at least) and it's something that is of real benefit e.g. a game that keeps them entertained for long periods of time or a learning/teaching app that helps with maths/literacy.

    Across Apple and Android... I think I've only upgraded about 4 apps for my kids (similar ages to your two: 3 and 5) so far. And I've only bought about 2 paid apps for them i.e. regular app with no free/trial version.
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