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January 2013 Grocery Challenge

edited 12 December 2012 at 3:40PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • cattysmumcattysmum Forumite
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    Hi folks a spend to report from yesterday tescos catfood and offer loo rolls. And today some braising steak, veggies from mkt garden. Iv used my pressure cooker for the first time in yearss to do lots of potatoes that needed using up Iv mashed and will use for lunch tomorrow and some for the freezer. I could fall in love with my pressure cooker all over again but iv lost books/ recipies so it will have to be guesswork on timings etc.
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  • Did my "big" shop last night, came to £39.08. Should do me around 2 weeks though, with a little bit of top up on the fresh bits, although I'm hoping that the fruit and veg will do me as much of that as possible.

    NSD today, and hopefully tomorrow too... OH is far too excited by the classic kids tv that CITV have been showing to want to go out right now :D Back at work on Monday as well, that should stop me spending!
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  • biscuitmad wrote: »
    Hi all

    Spends higher than I wanted but DH spend £25 yesterday on 180 rolls of nouvelle toilet roll so now have enough toilet roll for the whole year!

    Sorted out one of the kitchen cupboards yesterday and found 2 400g jars of Nutella which go out of date the end of this month does anyone have any ideas to use it up please? We don't like it in sandwiches or on toast and ds isn't allowed it in school.

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  • Sadly the two bottles of milk I bought this afternoon cost me £25.28!!

    Not all of that will be coming from my grocery budget as I completely forgot that it is DDs party tomorrow so had to buy a cake and party bag items. The kids are older now so just got them all a big bag of sweets each.

    I've also started my saver stamps for Xmas - I will be getting 2 each week to help towards groceries at the end of the year.
  • did the fruit and veg market and morrys today so ive spent £88.07. ive also done my meal plan for next week

    had a small spend in sains local those stiltons ive had my eye on got reduced to 1p each!!!!!:j so their are now 5 in my freezer and 2 in my DDs i did leave 6 on the shelf so anyone with a sains local its definately worth checking they were on the normal chesse shelf but had a 1p sel they hadny been put in the RTC fridge.

    hm pizza for tea tonight with a tiny sprinkling of stilton on it:rotfl:
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  • Not quite a NSD day, but that's ok, £2.80 for the park and ride to see the panto, mum offered to buy us all lunch at eat, YAY, and while in there my 4 year old DD found a £10 note on the floor, we tried to give it in but the lady said to keep it, so we got extra treats at the panto, and a programme, which totalled £10 but not counting that as was technically free. Just the £2.80 to add to my fun money total.

    I am genuinely impressed with how well i've been doing, still managing to eek out what we have at home, although tomorrow i will need to go and buy bread. I do need other things, but they can wait, as i only have £3.69 to my name untill the 10th.

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  • loveasaleloveasale Forumite
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    Just walked to local shop and got bread , milk and eggs- sadly none reduced but did get Value type bread as its only for toast!
    I've noticed the cereal running low - that's a big expense in this house with 2 teen boys :mad:
    May have to visit Aldi for some early next week :rotfl:
    :money: I will never be rich but I'm happy :rotfl:
  • Happy new year everyone! I'm a few days behind you all having been away for new years. About to start back at work and have just taken delivery of a the first veggie box of the year so I'm meal planning and batch cooking tonight. Not very exciting for a saturday night I know but my liver needs a rest!!

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  • Bluegreen143Bluegreen143 Forumite
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    Got back from Mum's today and turns out yesterday wasn't a NSD as OH bought some coleslaw (70p) and two pints of milk (89p). No idea why as we had an unopened 4 pint of milk in the fridge. Think I might make scones tomorrow to use some up lol.

    Making veggie chilli enchiladas tonight, will post a picture if they turn out nice :)
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  • jumblejack wrote: »
    Thanks blue green. It was a step by step tutorial with pics for every stage. I've looked and looked but can't see it anywhere.

    I'm pretty sure it was on the grocery xhallengw thread but ther is a wee chance it was on the grabbit thread too. It is so frustrating :(

    I assumed it was under the index but it isn't there either. :(

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