Alzheimers- How much help.

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Anyone any infor on working with old people and alzheimers


  • Hi. I'm afraid I have no knowledge of alzheimers but maybe the alzheimers society website will have some knoweldge etc for you:
    in terms of practical things that might help and wherer you can help and support.
    Are there any day care support centres near by? Maybe they would be suitable?
    Also in terms of the medication can't you just lock it in a box/safe and not tell him the key code?
    Anyway, I hope others have more ideas and that you get your dad the help and support he (and your family) needs.
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    Thanks Dancingfairy.
    We did think of a lock /safe etc, but we have had so much problems with carers, i.e not turning up, not asking about meds etc that i dont think it would be a good idea.
    He remembers his normal ones (most of the time) that he has been on for ages, but at moment he has got a new set on top and its these new ones he is having more difficulty with.
    Carers were brought in to oversee his meds originally , but its really hit or miss with them.
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    Have you only had contact with social services? Any help from the NHS? It varies by trust but in some areas the district nurses will help out when people with dementia can't remember to take their medication properly.

    Ring your dad's GP, ask to speak to the district nursing team for the area and explain the situation to them. They may or may not be able to help but its worth a try.
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    Request a meeting with social services to discuss his care package,it sounds as if he may need it increased or at the very least modified...

    Social services have contracts with more than one care agency and it may be worthwhile swapping care agencies to one that is more suited to his needs and condition

    With regard to the medication have you thought about buying a small safe that will store a dosete box of medication that can be opened and adminisered by the carer or even you as a trusted person rather than leaving the medication in an area where your father will self medicate.

    My mother has now entered a nursing home because of her similar condition but these options were all things we have faced over the past 3 years prior to her going into full time care.

    It really is a case of matching care to your fathers needs and also if possible to just get a few carers who will be able to know his routine.

    We actually found that it became essential to bring the care under one agency rather than relying on several different departments ie help from district nurse/health centre/meals on wheels etc.
    we found that it was much easier and more settled for mum to bring in only 3 main carers who rotated breakfast ,lunch and evening giving medication as part of the visits.We noticed the more unfamiliar faces that visited the more confused and adigitated she became.

    The care agency you choose is key to his long term stability in the home so invest some time with social services in choosing the right package.It does become more difficult to get them to agree care changes if he if fully funded by social services,and it is much easier if he pays for all or at least a part of his care to get them to make changes,but ultimatley if he has a fall or becomes unable to manage at home then the bills will be much higher as his care plan moves forward into residential.The focus these days is managing in the home rather than early transferring to nursing homesand it does sound as if you father needs more support than 10 minutes a day.

    In the past I have had many meetings and discussions with social services,and a lot does depend on getting to see someone who has experience and empathy with the situation you are faced with....if you feel that you are getting no where with whoever is assigned to your case ,do ask for your fathers situation to be remanaged.

    Is your father funding any of his care package or not?
    We found there was a distinction in the care offered to those who funded at least some of their own package
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  • Regarding the tablets, my parent's GP has just arranged something new for them. All their tablets are being delivered to them weekly, sorted into blister packs showing day and time to take them. All their tablets for each time are together in one blister pack. So they don't have to remember what to take, when, just read the label on the pack.
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    As someone else has said I would get them to put his tablets in blister packs, they are easier for the carer to see if he has had tablets or not.

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    Certainly an option would be to have the meds dispensed in a "nomad" or dossett" box - the pharmacy will place the meds in a blister pack with the day/time clearly marked. This will work however, only if dad is still orientated to the day/time though.

    Another option, would be an automatic medication dispenser such as

    Some pharmacies will fill these (in my experience some Boots pharmacies would). These can be stand alone units which are programmed with the times and automatically rotate and alarm when the dose is due. As they can be locked (and carer/trusted friend/neighbour can keep the key and change the cartridge once a week) this means dad couldn't over medicate. They can also be incorporated into a telecare system (which your SS may be able to advise you on, depending on where dad lives) which would alert the telecare provider if dad didn't take the tablets out of the dispenser.

    With regards the issues you're having with the designated social worker, you can contact the main SS dept in dad's area - google their website, and request to speak with a senior care manager to report your concerns and the problems you've been having. You can also request to be the main point of contact. Finally, if you've only tried one agency, report the issues with the agency to SS as they may not be aware and request that a different agency is arranged.

    Hope this helps
  • good luck from france,
    it's a so hard think...
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    cheepskate wrote: »
    He has carers in each am. and some pm. They are worse than useless sometimes

    The carers have a duty to comply with standards laid out in the code of practice The employer has a similar code of practice they should comply with as well.

    Become aquainted with them and refer if you decide to make a complaint.

    An agreed care plan document should exist - does it?
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