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Mould in washing machine drawer!



  • St0lli
    St0lli Posts: 594 Forumite
    I've got exactly the same problem with my machine... Its a Bosch and even though its used daily the black 'gunge' still builds up... at one time the fabric conditioner wasn't being dispensed and just sat in the dispenser and I'm sure this was because of the build up... I got a cocktail stick and used that to clean out the top of the compartment (not the dispenser) because the gunge was there as well.... As Joella said this may be due to it being a cold fill only as I've only experienced it with this machine and my previous machines were hot/cold fill so I think you could be onto something there... Must admit I feel quite horrified when I look in the dispenser drawer and see it... eeeuuuuwww!
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  • tiff
    tiff Posts: 6,608 Forumite
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    Could some germs have got into all the pipework? I'm really worried now about our health. :sad:

    A bit over the top? It's a bit of mould in your washing machine drawer, it's not going to kill you! lol
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  • tanith
    tanith Posts: 8,091 Forumite
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    I read a thread like this before but I can't find it and I did take some of the advise given, I cleaned the drawer in the sink and did my best with the space where the drawer goes then did a hot wash with just an old towel in the machine and now everytime I use the machine I leave the drawer slightly ajar and the door open for as long as poss between washes..... it seems to have cured the mould in the drawer as I haven't seen any since....:T
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  • sillygoose
    sillygoose Posts: 4,794 Forumite
    joella wrote: »
    Personally I think that the reason behind the mould is that a lot of the washing machines sold today are cold fill only, I never had that problem when I had the hot/cold fill but have now my washer is cold fill only, I welcome your remarks on this...Joy

    This is exactly the reason for it. The steam from the the hot fill used to clean the drawer by itself.

    Bythe way thats what I use now, a steam cleaner to blast the mould away, works well and avoids any chemicals that could get into your next wash.
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  • Wee_Bargain_Hunter
    Originally Posted by Wee Bargain Hunter viewpost.gif
    Could some germs have got into all the pipework? I'm really worried now about our health. :sad:
    A bit over the top? It's a bit of mould in your washing machine drawer, it's not going to kill you! lol

    I meant i was worried about where the mould was coming from. i thought there had to be an original source of germs since i couldn't think of how else germs could get up into the nozzles & i thought it was from the plumber. i was therefore worried about him contaminating my drinking water too! Still not sure about this, so still worried:
    OMG - just had a horrible memory - the plumber who installed the dishwasher had to change everything for the sink & washing machine too. I remember him sucking the end of a grey pipe to attach it to another pipe!

    Anyway, here's an update. Since trying out the bleach, i've done 2 washings using white vinegar in the fabric conditioner drawer - one was at 95. Don't know if it's that or if the bleach has contined to work, but its looking a lot better now, even the nozzles are starting to look less black.

    I normally do try to empty the machine quickly & also try to leave the door & drawer open to air. I also do a boil wash about once a week. and i still got mould!
    Ps i use liquid in a ball thing inside the machine & it's cold-fill. Maybe that's why? The steam cleaner idea sounds good - have to look in the attic for it first though!
  • savingsara_2
    I've been using white vinegar (lyk jessicamb) instead of fabric conditioner for about six months cos my OH has developed a really sensitive skin. I buy it from a chinese supermarket in Leeds, about £1.95 for 5Litres.
    Obviously its cheaper than Lenor etc, but has the added advantage of not gungking up the washer drawer and defo no mould. My washer drawer stays pretty clean compared to how it used to be, and as there's only 2 of us the washer isn't on everyday - thereby allowing mould to grow if it was going to.

    Better for our skin, our environment and most importantly our pockets!!

    Clothes etc WON'T smell of vinegar once dried (outdoors or t/drier :eek: ) honest! and
    you still get the nice smell of washing powder. Your towels will be fluffier and more absorbent and ironing is no different.
  • SallyD
    SallyD Posts: 1,009 Forumite
    Uniform Washer
    I shall get cleaning with White vinegar and some soda.......thanks to everyone who has posted, :T I thought I was the only one with this problem.

    How much vinegar to use as a fabric conditioner?
  • Pennylane
    Pennylane Posts: 2,707 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Anniversary First Post Combo Breaker
    It is the Fabric Conditioner without a doubt which causes this black gunge. DH is in the trade.

    Many w/machine manufacturers recommend you dilute your fabric conditioner (whether its concentrated OR ordinary) and it probably also says this is your handbook .... it's just a lot of people don't read them!
    Every so often you should also remove the whole drawer and wash in hot water and soda crystals. An old toothbrush, or better still a bottle-brush will help with this.
  • Gigervamp
    Gigervamp Posts: 6,583 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker First Post
    Pennylane wrote: »
    It is the Fabric Conditioner without a doubt which causes this black gunge. DH is in the trade.

    I don't use fabric conditioner and my drawer is mouldy too. :confused:
  • Wee_Bargain_Hunter
    Gigervamp wrote: »
    I don't use fabric conditioner and my drawer is mouldy too. :confused:

    Same here.
    We have a cold fill machine so maybe that's the reason?
    Well... since I first posted, the repair man replaced the entire inlet unit when he was fixing the machine. So a new start with no black stuff.
    Since then, I've mainly used vinegar, put liquid into a ball in the drum, done a 95 wash about every 10 days and kept the drawer and door open most of the time. Some black stuff has started to appear again but it's mild compared to the stuff that was there before. Anyway, I'm going to look for the steam cleaner thats lurking about here somewhere. In the meantime I'm going to try soda crystals as that's about the only thing I haven't tried.
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