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Mould in washing machine drawer!

Hi there, hope someone can help me out with this. (I'm trying to get it sorted out before dinner if poss but no pressure ;) - i'll quite happily ignore it till another day!)

We got a new washing machine a few months back & after a few weeks noticed that there was black stuff in the soap drawer. I took the drawer out & scrubbed it in some water & washing up liquid & the drawer looked nice & white again.
Anyway, the mould has gradually come back & today I took the drawer out & it's now soaking in a bleach solution in the sink so hopefully it'll finally get sorted out.

I now have a second problem - I looked into the space where the soap drawer should be and it's ok at the bottom. However, when i bent down to have a proper look, it's really disgusting overhead :eek:. It's all black right across the top where the water inlet spray things are. I'm thinking of tackling it with bleach & a toothbrush but i'm worried about sparking bleach everywhere or into my eyes.

Anyone have any ideas?


  • snails's_pace
    snails's_pace Posts: 2,121 Forumite
    um no techie
    but all i can say is what i do..and thats i always wipe the drawer out after each wash with a tea towel, and leave it and the actual machine door open overnite to let the air circulate, im sure someone will trott along soon with a proper answer! ;)
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  • tiff
    tiff Posts: 6,608 Forumite
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    Oh my goodness lol, I've got mould too but only cleaned my drawer out once in 2 or 3 years! Life's too short, as long as my clothes are :)
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  • Pink.
    Pink. Posts: 17,675 Forumite
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    Hi Wee Bargain Hunter,

    Some of the replies on this older thread may help:

    Help please with stinky washer? Desperate now :(

    It may also be worth a look at this website:

  • nell2
    nell2 Posts: 267 Forumite
    I noticed this in my machine about a month ago. Apparently it happens because we tend to wash at lower temperatures these days. I pulled the drawer out and gave it a really good scrub. I then put the machine on a really hot wash (95 degrees) with biological powder and some laundry bleach which I read somewhere would deal with the places you can't get at and can't see. I think you are supposed to do this occasionally to keep your machine working properly.
  • Wee_Bargain_Hunter
    Thanks for the replies guys. It's not smelly or anything, it's just that the drawer looks horrible & i'm worried that the mould will get down into my clothes. I do a 95 degree wash about once a week so the drum is ok, it's just that for no reason, the drawer & its surrounds are absolutely horrible! I didn't have this problem with my old machine so i don't know what to do.
  • dianeclaire
    I noticed this in mine too a few weeks ago whilst following the flylady thread, the drawer was disgusting! and where it sits was worse, nevr had this before and wondered if it had something to do with where we live now as the water here is harder than anywhere we've been before but there is a softener plumbed into the utility room??

    Anyway, I sprayed drawer and inside with mould and mildew remover (not very Os but worked) left for 5 mins then wiped out and scrubbed little places with old toothbrush, then put hot wash on with just soda crystals, doing this once a week now
  • elliethecat
    Yes - the drawer in my washing machine goes mouldy too! Fortunately I can prise the drawer out and give it a good wash. This has been going on for a long time and experience tells me that the mould occurs because I wash at 40degrees and use "value" washing powder. My bf's washing machine never goes mouldy, however he's not a good money saver nor is he environmentally minded so he uses the recommended two expensive washing tablets and a much higher washing temperature.
  • jessicamb
    jessicamb Posts: 10,446 Forumite
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    I think its the fabric conditioner that does it :confused:

    If I use white vinegar instead of conditioner it starts to go but I'm too fond of my easy iron for long term conversion :o Not OS I know :o
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  • Wee_Bargain_Hunter
    Well, I've tried cleaning the top of the drawer space with bleach but the insides of the inlet nozzles are BLACK! :eek:

    I've had a look at the tips suggested but my problem seems to start BEFORE the vinegar, boil wash, bio powder etc would help. There doesn't seem to be anything about how to clean out the actual inlet tubes.

    The machine came from a warehouse & AFAIK it wasn't on a shop floor for some kid to shove something into the drawer.

    OMG - just had a horrible memory - the plumber who installed the dishwasher had to change everything for the sink & washing machine too. I remember him sucking the end of a grey pipe to attach it to another pipe! :eek: He said it was the old-fashioned way of doing things!
    Could some germs have got into all the pipework? I'm really worried now about our health. :sad:
  • joella
    joella Posts: 51 Forumite
    Personally I think that the reason behind the mould is that a lot of the washing machines sold today are cold fill only, I never had that problem when I had the hot/cold fill but have now my washer is cold fill only, I welcome your remarks on this...Joy
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