Would you use a neighbour's broadband?

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  • Er-none of the above!

    Nothing at all wrong with using it. If you came across it by accident you are hardly a fraudster or hacker. Ideally I would tell them they were unsecured but how exactly do you know which neighbour's wireless signal you are receiving? If it said " 49 Elm Grove" etc I imagine they would also be able to encrypt it!
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    can some tell if you are using there wireless internet connection?
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    If someone else is paying then why should I? I don't offer 20p for a bloke to read his newspaper after he's done with it.

    Is it illegal to check my email on another persons wireless account? Who cares... Throw away the keys! If you can't be arsed to lock up your doors you deserve to be robbed.
  • It's hard not to use free Broadband. Personally i work in IT and have used unsecured broadband on several occasions to check email Etc but never to download as such.
    I've also accessed a router local to me when i was younger & changed the Admin password (they left it as default) as so they couldn't change anything without Hard Re-setting it ;) Naughty i know & i wouldn't do it these days but if it's available then why not use it ? it's so easy to set up security it's their own fault
    On some of these analogy's of stealing a car etc. Would you hand on heart if someone left their keys in the ignition of a Car feel sympathy for them if it got stolen ? Or would you think well what do you Expect leaving your key's in the ignition it's bound to get nicked thats just dumb.

    The same applies to broadband lock it or lose it (bandwidth that is )
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