Real-life MMD: Pet dog or doghouse?



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    Hi get an old unloved dog, there lots of fun and don't wee and chew up
    Your house . Still have buy pet INS ! Dogs are great , but make your life happy, but there's always horrible feeling when you leave them at home all day or looking for someone you trust to look after then when go for days out or holidays ! It like getting an extra furry child .Our son was 8 years old when we got our boxer , and they both grew up to be big strong best pals , he always took him out first thing and when ever asked . I think summer best time to get puppy . But do look at older dogs that need good home . Breed too ! Some cost £350 ..Have fun on holiday :)
  • Firstly I think it's important to sit down with the wife and son and maybe even a dog owner to spell out all the worst case scenarios and the pitfalls of owning a dog.e.g. having to walk it in ALL weathers whether you feel like it or not; picking up the poop;home or personal possessions getting chewed in the early stages; the tremendous expense of owning one and finally the death to deal with. Apart from all that there is the unconditional love that goes with ownership too and the sense of responsibility that could be instilled into the young son if he is mature enough to take it all in.
    Getting a dog doesn't necessarily mean the end of the wonderful planned holiday. The dog could be put into a recommended good kennel (and there are lots around,)so it would be like a holiday for him too. Like others have said, it's important to try the local rescue centres first as there are thousands now waiting to be rehomed - due in part to our throwaway society.
    Goodluck with it all anyway. Having recently lost our beloved cat, we suddenly find ourselves free to go away overnight and 'stay out late' etc and we don't intend to get another pet ever....(I'm being strong, but hubby is weakening fast,) but I have to say that the house isn't a real home without one!
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    we had a similar dilemma last and the boys wanted to adopt kittens but hubby saw them as an unneccesary expense and an inconvenience to us goin off on hols.we got the kittens,now fully grown..yes they were expensive to keep..yes it did inconvenience our hols..but they were LOVED and when tragically one was killed this yr..yes we were devastated but my hubby realised how much the cat meant to him too and his attitude to the other one has more moaning bout costs etc..hes realised hes a family member.why not tell your wife bout the hol and talk it thru...a holiday will bring joy for a week a pet could bring joy for years.
  • Your question, I suggest, says more about your relationship with your wife than whether your son should have a dog. You've been saving in secret, you have a difference of opinions about your personality and you're planning a major purchase without involving your wife.

    If I were you, I'd sort those matters out before making any decision about a dog: you need to have a good conversation with your wife.

    Then, do what you can afford. Don't just do something that will win you short term popularity.
  • some people like dogs more, some people like holidays more. i don't think you will get the answer to that question on the forum, as it's an entirely personal thing.

    however, as others have said, it sounds like you need to be more open with your family about finances. whether that includes your son i can't really say, but certainly your wife. a big decision that affects you all shouldn't be made by yourself in secret (unless you can be really sure that you know what they want). being more open will also get rid of the negative sentiment you refer to.
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    MSE_Debs wrote: »
    Our son has wanted a pet dog for years and my wife's keen to get him one. But dogs are expensive and I've been saving in secret to surprise her with a holiday next year.

    She thinks I'm stingy, when I'm actually the opposite.

    Should I give in and get the dog to make them happy, or remain in the doghouse myself so we can go away?

    Honestly? You're upsetting your son because you can't give the real reason why you don't want to get a dog. You're upsetting your wife because you're being stingy with money - when she finds out you've been saving for a surprise holiday, how is she meant to feel - happy about the holiday, guilty because she's been cross with you about the money?

    Be a family - talk about stuff!
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    A guy with two dogs belonging to the kids I would say think carefully

    They are too busy to walk them, feed them etc etc. Now one child (now adult) has left home and the other will shortly and we will keep both dogs.

    Dont get me wrong, they are part of the family but now we are in a position where we can be spontaneous.... We can't as we need to think of the dogs.

    I am not saying don't get the dog, just think what it means if you have to walk it, feed it, take it to the vets, kennel it etc for the next 10, 15 or even 20 years!
    Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one.
  • It would be very good to know where multi dog families are welcome. The rest of us could then be sure not to go there.
  • gilly99 wrote: »
    It would be very good to know where multi dog families are welcome. The rest of us could then be sure not to go there.

  • If you have any doubts at all, dont get the dog.

    Its easy to say "Oh he wants one, lets get it" but the cost is far more than the just the dog. Vets fees are expensive so you will need to commit to the monthly cost of insurance, there's food, grooming costs for some dogs, and the time commitment of caring, walking it etc.

    Saving up for a holiday is a nice gesture but if it is causing friction (ie, your wife thinks you are being stingy) then maybe you should tell her about it.

    But stand firm on "no dogs"!
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