Real-life MMD: Pet dog or doghouse?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Pet dog or doghouse?

Our son has wanted a pet dog for years and my wife's keen to get him one. But dogs are expensive and I've been saving in secret to surprise her with a holiday next year. She thinks I'm stingy, when I'm actually the opposite. Should I give in and get the dog to make them happy, or remain in the doghouse myself so we can go away?
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  • Son wants a dog... but will son walk dog every day? Will he pick up the poop? Or will dog become your responsibility in more ways than just financially?

    Same questions for the wife - or will she just say "Well you bought it, you can walk it..."

    If it were me, I'd do the holiday.
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    For me there's no question I'd take the holiday. Like they say, a dog's not just for Christmas, it poops all year round... And let's face it, it'll eventually die which leaves poor distraught children. Holidays are much more fun :)
  • Definitely the holiday.
    Since when do children's wishes take precedence over adults? :mad:
    No wonder we've got so many ill behaved youngsters around who think their wishes are the most important. Bah.:o
  • The dog.

    Looking after it will teach your child responsibility. And even when it does die - hopefully leaving many years of happy memories - learning to deal with death is a lesson too.
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  • Dogs aren't objects. Unless you're willing to adopt one from a rescue centre and truly give him/her a good life, go on your holiday instead.
  • whitewing
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    I think 'dog' if it is something that you/your wife has experience of already and isn't just a long term whim. Don't forget that puppies are a lot of hard work.

    The worse thing to do would be to present this long-awaited animal as a surprise present and then find you have to give it away because you're not prepared to adapt your lifestyle because the reality doesn't meet your expectations.
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  • Anyone thinking of getting an animal should ALWAYS go to a rescue or rehoming centre. There are far too many abandoned animals and far too many money-grabbing breeders who just want the money and don't care where the animals end up.
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  • Get good pet insurance, and dogs aren't too expensive (it's vet bills that cost!). If you do go down the dog route, rescuing a dog is cheaper (Battersea charge around £110)...and the charities do an awful lot of work in matching the dog to your family. In terms of food, its not that expensive for a big bag of dry food, and every dog we've had is a hoover for any scraps we have from our own meals to fill it out a bit.

    Dogs do give a lot, especially to kids. They give companionship, teach responsibility, and a lot of entertainment. Plus getting out to walk them is good exercise!

    However, after all that I would say go on holiday BUT still consider a dog. However, see if your son will be responsible, by saying that you are willing to allow a dog, but that he must help out with chores or earn some money doing odd jobs for friends and family to contribute financially....'chore money' basically. He doesn't have to raise the whole amount or anything, it's just a test of a) how much he wants it really, 2) his staying power, hinting if he will always walk it....and well I think it's good for kids to learn you have to work for stuff and not just get it given to you on a plate.

    In the meantime, has anyone you know got a dog and is going away? You could offer to dog sit for free and see if you all warm to having one...
  • scotsbob
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    Why is this so difficult?

    When you take the wife on holiday leave the son at home looking after the dog.
  • firstly , how old is son ? 4 or 24? if under 12 , i'd buy a hamster and see how well he looks after that before even considering a dog - they (hamsters) have a limited life-span - and are relatively happy within a stimulating cage environment , whilst dogs need many years of training , exercise , company etc.etc.!!! And they are a huge tie...however , as the owner of 5 I have to say that I would take their permanent love and companionship all year round over any 2 week foreign break - tho' would be good if more holiday homes in this country accepted multiple dog families!!!
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