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  • MrSilk
    MrSilk Posts: 1,507 Forumite
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    For value for money, I'd recommend the NatWest Select Silver account, for what you get it's definitely worth it.:T:T

  • Mendac
    I tried the new Packaged Account Analyser Tool as I have RAC breakdown cover inc recovery at 79.50 and annual WW family insurance (excl USA/Canada) at 25.59 (yes 25.59! I found that family cover was cheaper than a for a a single traveller). Total £105.09. The tool suggests that these would cost £160 & suggest a string of accounts, to save me money, but each of these would cost more than I'm currently paying. USE WITH CARE!
  • opinions4u
    opinions4u Posts: 19,411 Forumite
    Borderline on value.

    Main benefits appear to be breakdown cover - I'd expect to pay £60 a year buying privately.

    Holiday insurance - I'd expect to pay around £40 a trip for a family or £60 for an annual policy.

    Mobile phone cover - I wouldn't normally insure my phone and it's not often new for old cover and tends to have a big excess for iPhone.

    Home Emergecy Cover - Would cost around £50 a year as part of home insurance. Bank account policy tends to cover slightly less.

    Bank cost: £180 a year. Best value extracted from a joint account I'd suggest.

    I prefer to get £60 in rewards off Halifax and buy my own insurances. But there is a convenience in not having to bother.
  • sbutton
    sbutton Posts: 33 Forumite
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    I've been thinking of switching to co-op, but they only cover up to £100 for a single item and there's a £50 excess. Hardly worth it.

    Do you know how much it would cost to replace a lost or stolen snowboard or pair of skis? Of course, you do everything you can to protect them but it's not unheard of (i.e. pretty common) for someone to break into (or just tail gate) the locker room in a hotel, and steal some equipment.

    With Lloyds (much more expensive for the same cover) I've been able to top up the winter cover for about £30 IIRC.

    Mobile cover is also not what it used to be. Had to claim for a broken iPhone screen last year, it it took them weeks to replace the screen. They did not replace the whole phone like the used to.
  • grannyjo
    grannyjo Posts: 188 Forumite
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    I get £5 a month on the rewards ordinary account. To change to their special account costs £15 reduced to £10. By putting it in the tables at £10 a month is a bit misleading.
    where did the above reader get ww travel insurance for £25- sounds good
  • jarussell1966
    In reading about cover for mobile phones would this mean i would not get a new phone to replace my 2 year old sony w995 non-smartphone, im not sure i would be happy in getting a second hand replacement?
  • jan18
    jan18 Posts: 5 Forumite
    I already have a Nationwide Flexaccount so I thought maybe I should get my monthly deposits paid into it and use it as a current account so I qualified for the free annual travel insurance. I did as you suggested and rang for medical screening as one of my kids has a medical condition (Cystic Fibrosis - CF) and it appears that this is an automatic decline. Can't pay extra/top up or anything to get this condition covered. Good news is that at least they were quick to tell me this and didn't force me to spend 30 minutes having to enter all our details before saying they did not provide travel insurance cover for CF.
  • jan18
    jan18 Posts: 5 Forumite
    If anyone knows a good packaged account to use which will cover cystic fibrosis for annual travel insuranceplease do let me know!
  • jpbamford
    I have Barclays Premier Life account costs me £17.50 pm (not £29), and Overdraft of nor than the £1000 free is 14.9% not 19.3%.
    I've got stacks of extended warranties, and claimed a few time too - it covers accidental damage too - with great service (not mentioned in the Account Analyser!). Both our cars covered by RAC (used that too when battery went flat!). Never had to use the travel insurance (touches wood...), but use our airport lounge access credits for our summer holiday.
    Also get free entry to English Heritage and Royal Academy (also not mentioned in the Analyser). Cards covered with CPP now not card secure.
    All together great value I think.
  • cheapskatemac
    I have a motorhome so breakdown cover needs to cover that my current Natwest Black account does but Co-op Premier has lower limits on vehicle dimensions (90mm in length) so I am still searching for a better deal
    Cover for breakdown in europe for just the motorhome is £180.

    The devil is in the detail
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