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    Sold a bunch of books through WeBuyBooks - Hermes turned up as scheduled and took the box on the 16th June. Yesterday (28th) was still listed as being 'en route' - WBB customer service advised me that my books had probably been lost in Hermes' system, and still credited me the £9.25 value that I had been quoted. Very happy with this and it wouldn't put me off trying again.

    Also sent two boxes of stuff off to Ziffit - their courier didn't show up on the allocated day (a Friday) that I stayed in all day for...but they showed up early on Monday so it was OK, wish they'd contacted me though. Got my money, near enough £70 which I'm happy with. :)
  • I used We Buy Books based on MSE and TrustPilot. It was a mistake. Their courier damaged part of my sale, but We Buy Books refuse to accept fault, refuse to pay the original offer, and expect to charge me for return.
  • They where offering 7p for one book and 5p for another that new is about £20 - rip off
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    They where offering 7p for one book and 5p for another that new is about £20 - rip off

    I understand your disappointment and these seem very low prices. If I personally had been offered those prices, I wouldn't bother. So either WBB are trying it on or genuinely don't really want that title. They may be inundated with some titles.

    However there is no logic that a book's new price will necessarily reflect its secondhand value some years later. I have bought several books secondhand for £1 or £2,which had cost £60 brand new and even a brand new one from a "bargain books" shop for £5.

    I think that the market for secondhand books has fallen in recent years, so any buyer is taking a risk in having potentially unsold stock.
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