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  • Sparhawke
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    Just a further message on these, a few people say that they cannot get them to accept their books; they do like more the teachers training manuals and sociology type books than fiction, so if you are knocking around a few cheap ones in a charity shop it may be worth taking a closer look ;)
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    I've sold loads of books on WeBuyBooks and I'm really pleased with the service. I've made a couple of hundred pounds over the last two years or so.
    They give a fair price and you get payment really quickly. They want mostly non fiction science type books text books etc. Don't bother with fiction as they don't often accept them. Any uni students can do well getting rid of text books. I've run out of books for now though.
  • I used these for the first time on Friday, sending them a mix of books (26 in total) that were mostly about computer programming, plus some reference books for gemstones and herbs etc and a few paperback biographies of film directors which my husband won in a competition. I applied a 10% voucher code which I found on their Facebook page, they offered me just short of £29 and so I sent the lot off.

    Yesterday (Monday) I got an e-mail telling me they'd received them, and today I got an e-mail telling me that everything had been accepted and they were transferring the cash as promised. It had already hit my bank account by the time I'd finished reading the e-mail.

    I've used Music Magpie for DVDs in the past and agree with the poster above who said that WeBuyBooks pay out a lot quicker. I found the whole WeBuyBooks experience simple and surprisingly speedy from start to payment, and can wholeheartedly recommend them.
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  • "boost your income guide" looks good and I usually trade in books DVD and digital products. Ebay and amazon is priority but WeBuyBooks also rocks!
  • adgibs
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    I used WeBuyBooks for the first time this week. Two packages of about 15 Sony PSP games that the kids didnt want any more. All were good working condition and boxed. They offered an ok price so I was pleased until I got emails for both packages saying that there were damaged and scratched disks and that they would reduce the amount they would pay and recycle the faulty items. I emailed to ask for those in question back and got a reply saying that they were in error and that all the items were ok and they would honour the original amount. Call me suspicious but both email replies looked like copy and paste and said they would be "talking the team involved" - not sure what that means. Im wary of using them again as I wanted a hassle free way of doing business. It would have been easier selling on ebay and I'd have got more for them. It was worth a try though.
  • misskl
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    I tried to sell about 40 books with we buy books, about 25 of them got accepted (they recycled the rest, which I was happy with).

    I got a lovely cheque for about £23!

    Happy with the service, it's easy, you just buy a box, stick your label on and take it to a local collect point.

    Would definitely use again.
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    A little bit confused and dismayed, by what I thought was a reputable site. Decided to use their app to send my items, got all the way through the process and it says my basket is not linked to a customer account, even though I was logged in. Furthermore, on proceeding to input all my items again by hand, why am I being offered different amounts by the website?! Seems like a huge discrepancy and potential rip-off! As an example, the app is offering me 44p for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the webpage is offering me 25p. Similarly offering me less for a Jamie Oliver 30min meals book, app offering £1.09, website offering £1.06. One Tree Hill series 1, app offering 85p, website offering £1.12. Step Brothers DVD, app offering 29p, website offering 32p. Worst offender; life as a house DVD, website offering £4.88, app offering £3.91! The only difference is the app scanned the barcodes and I had to input them manually on the website, minutes later. They haven't replied to my Facebook post, their 'live' chat is most certainly not live, even in office hours and despite requesting I send my email address and they would reply, they have not.

    Going seriously downhill in my estimation! Seems dodgy to me and I have lost my confidence in them. Only been a few months since I last used them.
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  • I personally wouldn't use them. In my experience they've offered derisory amounts for the books I've wanted to sell so I listed them on Amazon to sell myself via Marketplace. It's a very simple process. I would never contemplate using Amazon Trade-in which is very picky about which books they'll accept but also offers a stupidly low amount. They all sold (eventually) and I made several hundred percent more profit than WeBuyBooks were prepared to pay, i.e. £20 for just 3 books (after fees etc) as opposed to £20 for a huge boxful.

    Depends how desperate you are for the cash (and the space) as selling on Amazon Marketplace can be a long-term thing but I'd go for that option any time.
  • As other people have said, they don't take everything, very popular fiction, especially old stuff, was not wanted, very little for much of the rest of the ones I wanted to get rid of. However, I did get about £60 in the end, though it took several hours of inputting ISBNs!

    I found Momox took books webuybooks rejected and Momox pay slightly more for similar genres.

    However, I really liked the fact that these guys, webuybooks, arranged collection. That worked well, I specified a day, they turned up, I didn't have to take heavy boxes anywhere.

    Payment was within 8 days.
  • magic57
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    I've used them loads of times. they pay a fair price and you get the money very quickly. Yes you could sell your book on Amazon for more probably but it takes time and they are taking up space.
    I don't have many books left but if I did I would go with WeBuyBooks and in case anyone is wondering no I have no connection to them at all.
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