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  • I tried a number of sites for CDs and DVDs and WeBuyBooks seemed to offer the best price so I proceeded to scan my CDs/DVDs. The barcode scanning app kept crashing on my Samsung Galaxy S2, and when it was working rejected about 50% of my items. I tried some of the failed ones again and some worked some didn't. I contacted their customer support who told me their database is updated frequently from Amazon and this is expected behaviour. Because it took so long to come back with a response, sometimes failing and crashing it took me almost 2 days to process my 400 items. Their packing rules are quite rigorous but the processing and payment was quick, sent items 18/02/15 money in account 04/03/2015 and about 4 items rejected for bad scratches. I used MusicMagpie for the rest and the barcode scanning app worked flawlessly and quickly and it accepted 99% of the remaining items and the whole precess took a couple of hours, that said their processing and payment was far slower, sent items on 18/02/15 and money not in bank yet though regularly informed of status. You may be luckier with the WeBuyBooks app but it was dreadful for me; I did give them feedback
  • motorguy
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    I've used them half a dozen times.

    When i've stuff to sell - most recently computer games - i open their page, music magpie, CEX and GAME. I just cut and paste the Bar code and see whos giving me the best price.

    I've no issues with them. Reasonably prompt payment too. I find Music Magpie willfully slow to pay out. Genuinely wilfully. I've no doubt they do it on purpose.

    CEX peeved me a bit there recently. I sent them a 2 week old, fully boxed Samsung Tab 3 7 inch, totally mint, only used twice. None of the bits in the box even opened. I had graded it at A, and they downgraded it to B and knocked £20 off as it had "scratches on the screen" No way it did.

    I also sent them a mint, fully boxed, but 1 year old Moto G phone. The only fault i found was the back panel had a tiny crack in it, so i bought a brand new genuine one off ebay and replaced it. Again, none of the items in the box opened, phone mint. Downgraded again to a B for scratches (ok i could maybe give them that but the screen was scratch resistant) and THEN downgraded it to a C as it didnt come with a charger!! the PHONE DIDNT COME WITH A CHARGER!!!!


    Rant over!
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    Wow, these guys massively undervalue books!

    I entered the ISBN for a latin text book and they offered me 10p.

    Ziffit offered me £5.48...

    (book is over £20 new)
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    I have sent a box of dvds, cds & books to Ziffit. 30 items, I was offered £37.
    When the email came through, virtually every item that I had been offered decent money on had been rejected. I argued with them as I knew they were all ok & in fact, the 2 books that they rejected were brand new & unopened. I sent them photos of the undamaged books & they agreed to pay the agreed £5 for it. So my £37 trade is now £16.80. Needless to say, I wont be using them again.
  • I've used these quite a lot and have sold about £60 worth all told to date, the most I've been offered for one book is £10 but usually a lot less than this. I've only tried old textbooks on this site, not had much response on fiction - generally give those to charities. Its worth trying the book more than once if you don't get an offer first time. I generally accept the offer if I get a better one than I'd get at a car boot sale which isn't very much but if you want to get rid of them at least you get something because its free and very easy to send off from a shop up the road from me. Definitely worth a try. They pay very promptly into your bank account and seem very organised.
  • anyone know what the maximum number of books they will buy is? ive got tonnes, probably weigh a tonne too!
  • asajj
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    jumbojuice wrote: »
    anyone know what the maximum number of books they will buy is? ive got tonnes, probably weigh a tonne too!

    I have alot of items that I am due to send and it is rather heavy. Do you have a service whereby this can be collected from my house or workplace?

    Yes we do have an account with myHermes and if you are guaranteed to be in on a particular day you can arrange a collection. Simply select the myHermes option when prompted, pack your items and log back in to your account to arrange the collection. myHermes collect Monday – Saturday between 8am-

    Don't think there is a max. You can arrange a collection though.
  • I have just been looking to sell my old uni books,
    webuybooks offered me 15p for one, but ziffit offered me £1.59

    another book
    webuybooks offered me £4.64, but ziffit offered me £5.49

    Its always best to check a few places before you sell things, I am thinking of sticking them on ebay or advertising them on my uni's facebook page, its highly likely that you will get at least double if you sell to a person and not a site
  • I recently used both We Buy Books and Ziffit for my books and cds as I am decluttering at home. Found both companies to be very good. None of my items were rejected and I have been paid already by We Buy Books. Ziffit have confirmed payment will be in my account in the next few days.

    Obviously I could have got more from ebay but I do not have the time so this was a stress free alternative. Also I usually just give to charity.
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    I recently sold old books, DVDs and CDs to Music Magpie, WeBuyBooks, Ziffit and Momox.
    I have used Music Magpie in the past and have been happy with their service, although the payment used to be slow.
    Having discovered the other companies through the MSE webpage I entered the ISBN codes in all of them and simply sold to the one making the best offer.
    MusicMagpie and WeBuyBooks offer the easiest (free) postal service with home collection. Ziffit and Momox offer a drop-off service only.
    MusicMagpie confirmed receipt of the parcel exactly a week after it was collected and paid on the same day by bank transfer, accepting all the items. The payment was on my account the following day. Excellent service. :T
    WeBuyBooks and Ziffit confirmed receipt 6 days after posting. Ziffit accepted all the items on the same day, providing a Paypal payment. WBB took 3 working days to check the items (accepting them all) and provided payment by bank transfer immediately after. Both payments arrived on the same day.
    No news from Momox two weeks after posting. Since they are in Germany, however, they will naturally take longer.
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