The Great 'What you wish you'd known when you had a baby' Hunt 2012



  • Brightness
    Brightness Forumite Posts: 293 Forumite
    LOL I still rock my trolley and youngest is almost 22! He always tells people how I abandoned him too. We packed the car up to go away for a few days and as it was chilly outside, we left him in his car seat in the hallway until we'd loaded up. We got about 1/2 mile from home when our 4 yr old piped up 'Mummy, Daddy, where's my baby brother? Are we leaving him at home?'. Hubs and I looked at each other and the colour just drained from our faces. I don't think we ever got home as quickly as we did that day. He was none the wiser and was still fast asleep. He's never let us forget 'abandoning him' though :O
  • digger3hay
    digger3hay Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
    Ban the word 'should' when talking about your baby. There will be lots of things he'll do that the books/people say he shouldn't be doing (like surviving on so little nap time without getting grumpy) and plenty that he'll do that will make him seem miraculous because he 'shouldn't' be doing it at his age (smiling at a week old!). Watch and listen and delight in your baby - let him be the only book you go by.

    My practical tip ...swaddling works like a charm for fractious babies or once their moro reflex startles them awake every time their arms twitch. Don't bother with expensive swaddle blankets - a giant size muslin (1m2) is perfect (can pick them up on-line from as little as £5). Lightweight and breathable it's easy to wrap around little one rather than trying to wrestle him into something. Also great for when they prefer to have their hands up to their mouth as they can suck fingers through it or have some sense of freedom in their hands while still reducing the startle reflex in their arms (you change the swaddle position of their arms around 3-4 months)
  • Margiemay
    Margiemay Forumite Posts: 9 Forumite
    My daughter had a similar sign on her door as she had twins. On the rare occasion that they were both asleep together, you could guarantee some-one would knock at the door, loudly!
    When my own were babies, though, I used to get them to sleep whilst hoovering. I think the noise droned on and they nodded off. (I know how they felt).
  • claire21
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    Goggle michael mcintyre baby and watch some funny
  • Raksha
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    Be prepared for hormones to turn you into a raging Mother Bear if a stranger goes within 6' of you LO. I flew at an elderly man who moved my LO's pram in the Post Office once.....
    Please forgive me if my comments seem abrupt or my questions have obvious answers, I have a mental health condition which affects my ability to see things as others might.
  • madmurphy3
    madmurphy3 Forumite Posts: 11 Forumite
    never ever read baby books and/or parents forums both caused me unending stress with my first if you need advice as someone you know my mum is still my goto guide and my first is fast approching 10 ok most of the time she says don't worry it will be fine but then most of the time thats what i need to hear! remember that each baby is different and no matter what you read and what people tell you just trust in your heart you instinctivly know what is right for you and your baby.
  • Mojisola
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    Brightness wrote: »
    From bitter experience, if baby has a favourite cuddly toy, blankie or whatever, GET A SPARE! There is nothing worse than a 2 year old who has lost bunny and sobs himself to sleep every night for 4 months because of it. Nothing you do or say will make the fact that he or she has lost their most treasured possession any better :/

    And rotate the use so that they wear at the same rate. It also means you can sneak one into the wash when it needs it.
  • Chopsie&Chelvis
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    If someone says 'Oh, can I do anything?', tell them that you're struggling with the laundry and could they take a bag? When you're going through 000s of baby grows, muslins, vests and sheets every week, struggling to get them washed and especially dried, it is a godsend to have a friend arrive with a freshly washed and ironed pile of laundry! Grannies and Mums of teens seem to love getting to iron all the tiny baby clothes again too, so it's a win win!
  • CupcakeLiz
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    try out slinfs at your local NCT sling library.. Ours will fit them for you, was them for youmand hiresnthem out for £5 a month. Much cheaper if you only use a sling occasionally.

    Also, make sure you get in touch with your local council to see if you cam claim money back on cloth nappies. Many give £30 refund as part of the real nappy campaign.
  • starsally
    starsally Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie
    Drinking a cup of tea whilst it is still hot; having a shower before Daddy is home from work; Eating a meal.

    These things are quite tough at the beginning when you are on your own and rather than focusing on the things you haven't achieved celebrate the things you have managed.

    I also love my sling. I get things done and my little one is so contented in it as she thinks she is being cuddled.

    Enjoy it. Limit visitors so that you can take time to enjoy your baby and look after yourself.
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