Diary of a "Frugal Saver"

I'd like to start my diary by making a declaration - I am currently neither Frugal nor a Saver :o.

I'm starting a diary in the hope that it will help motivate me to become frugal and once debts are paid off I would like to become a saver.

I have been watching over this forum for a number of years and felt inspired by so many stories but it is only recently I have felt the urge to get a grip on my debt. I think it might be an age thing, I'm getting to a point in life where I'd like to be married and have kids. The main thing holding me back on either of these is money (I have a loving boyfriend of 7 years, the main disagreements we ever have are about money).

My debt is not a lot compared to a lot of people on this forum but to me it is a mountain (currently approx £10,030). I could go on for ages about how I ended up in this situation but that's not going to help me get out of the debt.

I'm not worried if anyone reads my diary, there is a selfish element in that I hope it will help me change my spending/borrowing habits. But also I hope it will help inspire others in the same way I have been inspired reading other peoples diaries.

I would also like to apologise in advance if I go off in a tangent, I am well known for starting a conversation about one topic and ending on something completely unrelated.

Finally, I would like to thank anyone who takes the time to read my posts.
LBM September 2012
Debt at LBM £10,573.00
Current debt £3,250 (29/12/20)
Current savings £4,950 (29/12/20)


  • digging
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    Hey Frugal Saver! :wave:Starting a diary is a great way to keep you focused. I'm subscribing.
  • Thank you very much.

    I also think it will be a way to vocalise thoughts and feelings that I would feel embrassed to ask friends or family. OH isn't always understanding or appreciative of my money saving ideas.
    LBM September 2012
    Debt at LBM £10,573.00
    Current debt £3,250 (29/12/20)
    Current savings £4,950 (29/12/20)
  • Look forward to reading *subscribes* :D
  • AlTeREgO
    AlTeREgO Posts: 114 Forumite
    Hi Frugal saver :wave:

    Im also a long time member who has just started a fresh diary, although mine is more a quest for happiness :D

    I agree that keeping a diary helps you stay focused on your plans.

    We Will look forward to following your journey and keeping you company along the way :)

    What are your plans so far?

    SPC ~ 6 ~ MEMBER 1873
  • Thank you all I really appreciate it, even those who read and don't post comments.

    I am currently half way through the second week of a two week holiday from work. The reason I took two weeks off work was because OH and I were going to book a last minute holiday at the start of the first week. We weren't able to get any last minute holidays (something of a saving grace for me). I decided to use my time wisely and having just secured a loan to consolidate two loans and two overdrafts and still having a CC outstanding I had my LBM.

    A.E. So far I have done the following
    • Calculated the extent of my debt
    • Created numerous spreadsheets recording debt and predicting when debts will be paid off
    • Set up a joint account with OH to pay bills, DD goes out of my account the day after I get paid
    • Set a budget for spending
    • Made a list of items in my freezer and ideas for dinner (not managed to do meal plans yet as I don't think I'll get much support from OH)
    • Took back a number of impulse purchases I made just prior to LBM
    • Sent off PPI claim for loan & CC
    I think the real test will come when I go back to work next week and don't have as much time to stay organised.
    LBM September 2012
    Debt at LBM £10,573.00
    Current debt £3,250 (29/12/20)
    Current savings £4,950 (29/12/20)
  • WantToBeSE
    WantToBeSE Posts: 7,729 Forumite
    I've been Money Tipped! Debt-free and Proud!
    hi Frugal Saver :)

    have subscribed and will be following your journey! I am sure you'll be able to become more frugal...if i can, anyone can!!
    I used to go to the supermarket out of boredom! Yikes!!

    Anyway, i am looking forward to reading more :)
  • I think I'm becoming very obsessed with saving money, spent the morning re-activating survey sites I unsubscribed to about 4 years ago and started a spreadsheet to monitor how close I am to getting money/vouchers. Really pleased to find on one of them I had £6.00 credit even though I hadn't logged on since 2008.

    Unfortunately not a NSD but did think ahead to get food in for rest of the week, so shouldn't need to spend money again until Saturday but OH might have other ideas.
    LBM September 2012
    Debt at LBM £10,573.00
    Current debt £3,250 (29/12/20)
    Current savings £4,950 (29/12/20)
  • Mockingjay
    Mockingjay Posts: 214 Forumite
    We have similar levels of debt. Although not catastrophic I also want to actually have some savings!!

    I've subscribed :)
    CC1 - [STRIKE]£8746[/STRIKE] £2801 71%
    :o LBM September 2012 - Current DFD Oct 14 :o
  • Well today wasn't a good day in my quest to be debt free. Went out with OH to the pub for the afternoon/evening. Don't think I spent much but was hoping for NSD.

    I keep going over in my head what my plans are to clear my debt.

    My CC is only partly 0% apr and that expires in December. I only just got my loan so I don't want to apply for a new 0% too soon for fear of rejection. Can't work out if any extra money I have should go towards loan or CC.

    I've got a second current account which used to be my account with a maxed out O/D that I hardly ever used except paying it off slowly. I was going to shut it down once the overdraft was paid off but I think instead I will remove the overdraft and collate any spare money in the account and once a month put the money towards whichever debt I decide (on top of the minimum payments I'm already making). Obviously if I get 0% for CC I'll put the money towards the loan.
    LBM September 2012
    Debt at LBM £10,573.00
    Current debt £3,250 (29/12/20)
    Current savings £4,950 (29/12/20)
  • Arghh!! Just spent ages typing a post only for it to dissappear :mad:

    Budgeting is not going to plan. OH is just not understanding. I think the only way he will come around to my way of thinking is if he realises it himself rather than me constantly going on at him. Still no NSD, I'm really hoping I can manage one day this weekend.

    Plan for the weekend is first to pay £50.00 on CC which will be my petrol money, should only need to fill up once this month and that should hopefully come to about £45.00. If I take the money out of my current account it gives me more of an idea of how much I have left for the rest of the month.

    Keeping a food diary for the meals that we eat to help when I do shopping next month. We always eat the same the meals but dispite making a meal plan this week yet again OH is not interested. If I ask him what he wants for dinner or make suggestions at breakfast time or sometimes even lunch time he says it's too early to be thinking about it and he gets frustrated at me for trying to be organised. This means that we end up buying bits and pieces all the time rather than using what we aleady have in the house.

    Going to spend this morning doing a bit of housework, that should keep me busy for a while. Also going to spend some time doing surveys etc.
    LBM September 2012
    Debt at LBM £10,573.00
    Current debt £3,250 (29/12/20)
    Current savings £4,950 (29/12/20)
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