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Gameboy Micro £19.99 (Comet - Instore)

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in It's Gone, but was it any good?
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arndalearndale Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in It's Gone, but was it any good?
I've just been to Comet in High Wycombe to look for a Gameboy Micro and got one for £19.99.

Mine is Silver, but they also had Pink at the same price. For some reason the Green One was £34.99.

While I was there I got the accessory pack for 99p, the Star Wars 3 game for £2.99 and the same price for the combined Finding Nemo and Incredibles games. The games were priced on the box at £14.99 and £12.99 respectively, but went though the checkout at £2.99 each.

I know they definitely had the pink gameboy in stock but not sure about the silver one as they got them from out the back!


  • misfiremisfire Forumite
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    Hope our one has the same deal - as its my sons birthday next week and that would be prefect!!!
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  • jesshefjesshef Forumite
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    i just got the green one for my daughter and it was priced at £14.99 and the star wars game plus the bratz baby one for £2.99 each.
  • jghaljghal Forumite
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    Just got the green one for £14.99 at East Kilbride - they have 2 left now. The silver and pink ones were £19.99

  • misfiremisfire Forumite
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    luton gypsy lane - only has pink in at 19.99p

    unfortunately ds wouldnt use a pink one!!!

    UPDATE! - my mum got one at her comet in portsmouth.

    Managed to get ds 2 games for the advanced (but they said will play on micro) double pack nemo and increadibles (3 + age)=2.99p luton gypsy lane had one pack left after i bought mine today.

    Dunstable - starwars episode (7+ rating) 2.99p they still had 3 more left - didnt have time to check what other ones they had as i was in a mega rush (left hubby and son in pizza hut!!)

    Great find op
    Debt is gone - weight is next. I will be a skinny money saver at some point :-) :rotfl:
  • ChannardChannard Forumite
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    This is indeed country-wide. Bolton had them marked up at £39.99 but they were £19.99 on the system. I was tempted to get one but I decided to save my money and when I get a new phone, to get one that can emulate NES games and play video and so forth. Also, poundland does some sturdy crystal Micro cases that protect the screen and so forth.
  • moominmanmoominman Forumite
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    Got a silver one on Thurs for £19.99 from Comet Cambridge. Was going to leave it boxed for present, sell on eBay, etc., but yesterday the child inside me got the better of me and I opened it and had a quick play (much to the disgust of the wife)! Much better screen than the SP, smaller size but I think higher resolution. Now I've put it on eBay. Thanks to OP.
  • Had these in Comet Park Gate Fareham, still marked up as £39 but assistant checked and they were £19.99,also had a tablefull of end of line stuff, got a 250gb external hdd for £39,canon lide 60 scanner for £9.99
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  • rosegardenrosegarden Forumite
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    They have 5 pink one left at Yeading @ £19.99. No silver ones. The Incredibles and Monster House games, both stickered at £12.99 each, went through tills a £4.99 each.
    :beer:Thank you to all posters:beer:
  • LockyLocky Forumite
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    I popped into Comet in Norwich yesterday and picked up two silver Micros. They had a few of those left and also some pink ones.
  • Which version of Gameboy is it? UK, USA or European?
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