Spill the beans... on uses for old plastic carrier bags

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Spill the beans... on uses for old plastic carrier bags

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edited 18 September 2012 at 3:49PM in Old Style MoneySaving
Spill the beans... on uses for old plastic carrier bags

Do you line your bins with 'em, use them when you're out with the dog (you know what we mean) or simply chuck them away? We want to hear your best uses for carrier bags, other than for carrying things, obviously.

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  • FruballFruball Forumite
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    I ditched the bin years ago - horrid breeding ground for bacteria. Now I just have a carrier bag hung on a cupboard handle and use that. Each evening the bag goes out to the wheelie bin (in theory!).
  • I have several friends who are infant school teachers and they are always desperate for plastic bags as they get used to take 'wet pants/knickers' home in.
  • D&DDD&DD Forumite
    4.4K posts
    Didn't someone try knitting with them once on here??
  • D&DD wrote: »
    Didn't someone try knitting with them once on here??

    Yes, you can knit with them. You cut them in a long spiral and then knit shopping bags out of them. Just make sure they're not the biodegradable type though. :rotfl:

    I use plastic bags to line terracotta plant pots and hanging baskets, to conserve water. You have to punch a few holes in the base for drainage of course but they do help stop the compost from drying out too fast.
  • SailorSamSailorSam Forumite
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    I give mine away to one of the local small shops, it gives them one more life before going to landfill.
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  • babyshoesbabyshoes Forumite
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    I use a fair few for scooping the litter box, but only the ones which are the right size for the bin and have no holes. The rest get used for other bins around the house or for putting lunchboxes in so that if they leak the mess is contained. Many more get recycled - our council has included them in the home recycling, which I am pleased about! I recently got rid of a large stash that were the wrong size to re-use or had holes in them.

    A while ago I wanted to try a method for making them into thicker plastic sheets from which you could make a strong bag, but never got round to it. The theory is that you cut flat sheets from your bags, layer them up with interesting patterns on the outside (about 3-6 layers, iirc) and iron them on low between sheets of greaseproof paper. They are supposed to bond together and make strong sheets which can then be sewn or stuck together into a bag, pencil case, wallet etc. Extra thick sheets can be made for handles. I think the trick was to get the iron low enough not to burn holes in the plastic, and keep it moving all the time. You would also need a decent paper overlap to stop plastic melting to your iron or ironing board!
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  • luxor4tluxor4t Forumite
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    I live in Wales so a 'single use' carrier bag costs 5p. As a result I use the ones I've got till they literally fall to pieces and always carry a fabric bag just in case.
    Total carrier bag costs since last October? 20p!
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  • Torry_QuineTorry_Quine Forumite
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    Use for the living-room bin but most go to the the recycling bin at the supermarket.
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  • BOBSBOBS Forumite
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    D&#8517 wrote: »
    Didn't someone try knitting with them once on here??

    I knit one with dd for her recycled art project at school. Actually turned out rather well :) ... google brings up instructions. We used nice pink house of frazer bags for the main part and black bags for the sides and handle.
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