completely nuts....

our Vauxhall Zafira has developed whistling brakes syndrome..i kid you not..
the car has 20k on the clock and has over a year left on the warranty.
You can be driving at 10, 20, 60mph and all of a sudden a loud whistling noise starts and can last 10, 20, seconds upto a couple of minets, and then just stop:confused: .
My local useless Vauxhall dealer says to replace the discs and pads at my expense, even though they aren't even half way worn:mad: ,and this will probably stop the noise ??
they say the noise comes from the disc wearing slightly and leaving a small lip on the outer edge of the disc (which isn't in contact with the brake pad )and it is this which causes the noise.
I can sort of see what they are saying.....but why should i pay for new parts which are not needed mechanically, the discs/pads have at least a couple of years left on them.
What can i do, surley every vauxhall doesn't do this when the brakes start to wear in a little......:o
can anyone suggest a way forward please........the dealer isn't intrested:mad:
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  • roswell
    roswell Posts: 2,447 Forumite
    Is it front or rear brakes ? if rears put the handbrake on one click and drive a few yards then release it and see if the problem still occures.
    If it doesnt pay rent sell it.
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  • mcfisco
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    I'd try to test the disc theory by taking a file to the lip on the outer edge of the disc
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  • Dunkyboy_2
    Dunkyboy_2 Posts: 326 Forumite
    It's the front brakes. I have removed the wheels and looked for myself and did see a very small lip on the disc (1-2mm max), i have removed it with a file but it's made no difference.
    I have booked the car in with a different Vauxhall dealer to see what they make of it, but i don't hold up much hope....
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  • Throbbe
    Throbbe Posts: 469 Forumite
    Seems odd, as if the disks aren't near their service limit then this must happen with all Zafiras. I doubt that's the case.

    If that is the cause I'd look into getting the disks machined down rather than replacing and see if that's cheaper.
  • Dunkyboy_2
    Dunkyboy_2 Posts: 326 Forumite
    that is the same argument i put to the dealer, but to no avail.
    Why should i have to pay for anything, the car has loads of warranty left and the discs/pads are mechanically perfect..., i can see us getting rid of this car.
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  • plane_boy2000
    plane_boy2000 Posts: 1,482 Forumite
    Have you tried to call vauxhaul customer services? If you bought it new then tell them that you dealer wants you to replace things at your expence to fix a fault even though he admits that the consumable items have life left in them.

    They may agree to replace the brakes at their expense to sort the problem, or at least give the dealer a kick.

    Another route is to try another dealer?
  • Dunkyboy_2
    Dunkyboy_2 Posts: 326 Forumite
    We got the car 2nd hand with 8k on it, but not from a Vauxhall dealer.
    I have booked the car in to the garage i got it from on Monday and to be fair they do seem to want to help us.
    If they can pin point the problem then it sounds like they will fight our corner.
    got my fingers crossed........
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  • roswell
    roswell Posts: 2,447 Forumite
    I might be giving a stupid suggestion but if the front disks are vented have you checked there isnt something stuck in the vents causing the sound ?
    If it doesnt pay rent sell it.
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    Updated - November 2012
  • vansboy
    vansboy Posts: 6,483
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    I wouldn't start filing bits off!!

    You haven't really got a 'fault, as such, it's just the way the pads/discs have worn, so far, during their life. As they're not working inefficiently, just the annoying noise, you'd not really get luckky & expect anyone else to pay to change them.

    BUT... it might be worth having the wheels off & a thorogh clean of the braking components - a garage would probably want an hours labour, for this & the cost of cleaning materials.

    Alternativly, you can buy some brake cleaning sprays, which would dislodge some of the brake dust build up, once you've taken the wheels off & wanted to try yourself.

    & as last resort, hate to recommend them, Kwik Fit do have a rather clever offer, designed to keep you as a customer, long term, no doubt, which guarantees FREE brakes for life!!

    The small print on this offer, doesn't have any obvious 'catches', so if you DID chooose to replace the discs & pads, you should expect them to be perfect...FOREVER!!

  • greyteam1959
    greyteam1959 Posts: 4,561
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    Is it just one side or both sides ?????
    I know its difficult but get a passenger to listen and try and locate the side its coming from.
    Thing is with modern brake pads there is no asbestos in them and the pads tend to be quite hard and they squeeeeekkkk like s*ds on many cars.
    Dont really think that its the lips on the discs cos the noise would be there all the time.
    Roswell's idea might be worth following tho
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