Supanet "email only charges" ? HELP

I have had an account with supanet internet for over five years now.
Two years ago, i received an email two years ago telling me they are now charging me £10 per year for my email account.
The problem is,four months ago i noticed a direct debit for £12.I cancelled the direct debit and not hearing anything else wasn't bothered as i was only £12 down and took it for my annual fee.
I noticed about two months ago, my supanet account reads as over £40 in debit.
I called supanet and asked them to explain.
They said that they now charge £12 per month just to have an email account "no broadband connection" email only.
I sent them a letter by recorded delivery on the 19/7/12 and received no response.
I called twice as you can't email and have been told that a manager is dealing with this.
Still no response and the e mail account is still up and running.
What can i do now ?
I am assuming they are waiting another month then will bill me for over £50 for a purely email account.
Any help will be gratefully received.


  • I had a similar problem with Supanet. I had been a User of their eMail only service (not a broadband subscriber) for about 10 years. They increased the subscription charge to £10 per year which I accepted, then without reference to me, £3.99 / month and then £4.99 / month. I took this up with them very strongly, threatening to contact Trading Standards (I was able to contact them by both email and phone.)
    They eventually they agreed to reduce to £0.99 / month (onging) without any refund of the unauthorised hikes. They have also agreed (in writing) to advise me if they intend to increase the charges at any time.
    I am far from impressed with their service or business ethics. I recently noticed that my incoming mail on one address had dried up. I contacted their Technical Dept who restored the service, but were neither able to recover, nor interested in recovering the lost mails.
    If it didn't mean changing my eMail address, I would definitely move to another ISP.
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