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02 - PAYG Reward - 10% Back

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02 - PAYG Reward - 10% Back

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Scooby_Saver_2Scooby_Saver_2 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Mobiles

Watching sky last night - FX Channel family guy if your intrested.....and 02 run this is advert in the break .

Text to 50202 and put in the text:Reward ( did not get charged for the text )

I recived a text back that they will credit you back 10% of the vaule of your total credit.

At least worth doing.........

Good luck and let me know how you get on ;-)

Official insert: You can read the full details of this offer HERE
Tell it as it should be....


  • vansboyvansboy Forumite
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    Yep! Looks like an offer thats worth taking up - you do NEED to register for it, so don't put off doing so!!

    Heres the info from https://www.o2.co.uk
    Here's very simply how...

    Text REWARD to 50202 and start earning today.

    Every time you top-up, you'll be earning 10% back and we'll text you to tell you how much free calltime you've built up and how to claim it at the end of the quarter.

    If you simply can't wait to find out how much you're earning, text BALANCE to 50202 anytime and we'll let you know.

    The more you top-up, the more you get back. There's no minimum top-up or time limits and the maximum you can get back is £150 a quarter, so that's up to £600 a year.

    Just text REWARD to 50202 and make loyalty more rewarding.

    Terms and Conditions apply

    & don't forget to Top Up in Boots for the Advantage card points. If you print a 'TotalSpend' voucher in the machine, in store, you'll get even MORE points, too!!


  • fisheddiefisheddie Forumite
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    just to say the actually full URL is here:


    Full T&Cs link on the bottom of the page
  • I am visually impaired so cannot text so obviously will not be able to join in and enjoy this scheme, as you have to A text to opt-in and then obviously they will text you to say when to get the rewards and then text you to make sure you sue them up, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    Need to put money on the phone, but Boots won't tell you in advance when triple points is!
    my advantage_card is like gold dush
  • fisheddiefisheddie Forumite
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    I am visually impaired so cannot text

    i am sorry to hear that. hm... i was passing by an O2 shop earlier on today and poped in to ask if i can call to get the 10% offer. Answer - Yes but NO.

    1. you have to text in 'reward' to 50202(for free) to be eligible customer, try to go in to a phone shop or get a friend and ask them to text it for you.
    2. by the end of each quarter they will send you a text telling how much you have got.
    3. you will need to get back in 2 months to get the reward by texting 'claim' to 50202 or CALL 310, both call and text is free.

    hope u enjoy the little extra(most importantly its free)!!!
  • thanks for trying to help - i just dont see the texts they send me so thought it was pointless joining in a tex-based scheme, but i might get me mum to do it now.

    was having a job seeing my balance of how much i had so ended up asking in the shop, and they gave me a number to get a voice balance which was good of them.

    c'mon boots let it be triple points, i haven't put money on my phone since the triple points the week before CHRISTMAS! now i need to, but they haven't announced it yet!
    my advantage_card is like gold dush
  • fisheddiefisheddie Forumite
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    thought it was a triple point weekend back in about a month ago... hm... that is actually something to look into!

    by the way, i never read anything sent from O2, that s whole lot of rubbish, i do not need to know how much i have earned as long as it s added up to the account at the end!
  • ashmitashmit Forumite
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    Does anyone know if this is available to people on the 300 free texts a month tariff? I don't want to text in case doing that gives me this offer instead of as well.
  • alisonvtalisonvt Forumite
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    Thanks Thats me signed up
  • fisheddiefisheddie Forumite
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    i am pretty sure it is open to all, will ask for you when next time passing a O2 shop. and will PM u the answer!
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    I am getting 4 FREE 02 Sim cards which give this free 300 texts for £10 PAYG top up - if anyone interested I will post them one (First come first served lol)
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