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    I hate snobbery and it is especially bad when people are looked down on for doing essential tasks, like carers, bin-men, cleaners, handy men etc. I have had days where I have take a good deal of satisfaction out of cleaning toilets all day, and other days where I have been paid a lot of money to put people out or work. Out problem is that we mix up cost with value.
  • Theres nowt wrong with being a binman..
    Though I must say (and I dont mean to be disrespectful to binmen here),My dad used to be a binman in the 60s/70s. he used to have to go down entry's,put a steel bin on his shoulder(called ash tubs in them days).Empty them and take them back to the back yard...Today you have to put your own bin out,and if the lids up a little bit they wont even empty it in some towns.
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    My brother is a binman, it's not particularly well paid (He always laughs when he sees figures of £40,000 and the like), he gets a little more as a driver but it's certainly not the made-up figures you see in the papers. Most (all?) councils outsourced the bins years ago and every year, the companies turn the screws on terms and conditions and try to increase their hours.

    He's on about £20,000 and the pickers are on about £18,000.

    I think 20k and off home when you've done your rounds is pretty good tbh for the level of skill required. In fact 18k is pretty good. And it's not even as hard a job as it used to be.
    I know many people working in jobs that require a lot more brains and ability who earn substantially less.
    Shows how out of touch people are if they think that 20k is not good money.

    In addition, the level of wage depends where you are. I would find it easy to believe the story of 34k further up, certainly around here the starting rate is 25k. Ridiculous money for the job!
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    I have been a lollipop lady and a dinner lady when family circumstances required it. Nothing at all wrong with a good honest job.
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