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Any single mortgage free wannabes?

heavenfire Posts: 1,831 Forumite
edited 26 July 2012 at 12:10PM in Mortgage-free wannabe
Hi there

I know that it shouldn't make any difference and I have been reading a few of your diaries and picking up hints and tips but I was wondering if any of you were single with no kids?

Would be nice to see how you are coping with only one wage coming in and no one else to rely on. It would be good to follow those I can relate to and have something in common with.

Look forward to reading your stories and when I'm brave and organised enough I may just start my own! :)

Roll Call for ease of reference:

Sue Donim
rising from the ashes
black taxi

Please let me know if you would like me to add your name to the list.


  • Southernman
    Southernman Posts: 605 Forumite
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    I'm single in the sense my mortgage is my own and my boyfriend doesn't live with me.

    I was actually talking to a friend about this today who was asking me how i managed a single person mortgage with one income.

    I do rent a room out and this helps me MASSIVELY. I don't think i'd afford it without my flatmate!

    Without him i would have £320 disposable income (food clothes etc) there would be zero chance i could save/go on holiday/overpay. Realistically i don't think i should have been given the mortgage amount based on my salary at the time (it was less back then).

    ANYWAY i'm blabbing, i cope quite easily now but i think a pay cut/no lodger would screw me over (although i do have emergency funds in case that ever happened)
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  • Southend1
    Southend1 Posts: 3,362 Forumite
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    Hi, I am single and definitely want to be MF! My salary is just over £26.5k (but will drop to £23k in 2014 :eek: so trying to get the budget in order now so I don't struggle with the drop). I moved into my house last November and the mortgage is £115k. To date I have made a one off overpayment of £200 and am also overpaying every month £22 as I rounded the regular payment up to £600. I want to bump this up to £650 ASAP but have had to buy a lot of stuff for the house (decorating materials, new carpet etc) so this probably won't happen until the middle of next year. But if I can do it any sooner I will. Would love to be MF before I am 50 (currently age 31) but it is hard to find spare cash with only one salary coming in. Who knows maybe I will find a partner if I can find time in between all the decorating and DIY for a social life!!

    Good luck OP on your MF journey! :money:
  • beachie
    beachie Posts: 463 Forumite
    I'm single with no kids.

    Currently my mortgage is 87k but I am looking into the possibility of getting a larger mortgage and property so I can rent one of the rooms out however a 2nd time move seems alot harder than the 1st.

    I overpay by £400 a month which is about 25% of my pay. Seems reasonably easy so far.

    In reality I should have purchased a property where I could rent out a room in the first place as could have earnt alot more but thats life. We are all learning. I have two bedrooms but the 2nd is quite small and so not really rentable.

    I have a touch decision to make - a flat in town or a large 3 bedroom semi-detached house close to work but in a slightly rougher area or somewhere further out of town in a new build.

    Think I will take a week off work to think about it! :rotfl:
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  • VoucherMan
    VoucherMan Posts: 2,772 Forumite
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    Another single with no kids.

    Fortunately house prices in the north west are a lot cheaper than down south so I've got a comparatively small mortgage to many on here.

    It was still about 95% LTV when I got it and about 40% of my salary went on the main mortgage payment.
  • ultrarunner
    ultrarunner Posts: 374 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Yep, single here, with no kids. Good to know I'm not the only one.

    Mortgage is approx 4.5 times my income, I have a 2 bedroom place and will soon start overpaying once I rent out the second room. Just need to get some furniture for the 2nd bedroom then I'm able to do this.

    Currently just overpaying £50 to the part with the highest %. Bought at 70% LTV and owe about 129k so some way to go still

    Once I get settled and have a lodger plus no more purchases to make for the house I should be able to make overpayments of £400-£500 per month which will help a lot.
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  • Hell1
    Hell1 Posts: 160 Forumite
    Mortgage-free Glee!
    Hi there!

    Another single wage MFW, three kids, big mortgage, paying off and plodding as fast as I can!

    I do think it is sometimes more difficult being on your own, - no-one to motivate you, or to discuss things with. However, the upside of being on your own is that you make all the decisions - for example New kitchen or OP mortgage? In my case its Op all the way, and then doing up my house, but if I had a partner, it may have been a different story,

    Good luck with paying your mortgages off everyone!

  • BaconandEggs
    BaconandEggs Posts: 578 Forumite
    Hi - soon to be in the situaion of "only one wage coming in and no one else to rely on". Expecting first child - so wife will not be earning. Very scary, but hope to keep up the overpaying (albeit much less).
  • Luv2Budget
    Luv2Budget Posts: 66 Forumite
    Mortgage-free Glee!
    I'm another one single with no kids. In fact, I started a thread like this a couple of years ago.

    My mortgage is down to £58k and I'm hoping to be mortgage free in around 2 years. I have been overpaying since I've had the mortgage. It is not easy on your own, especially with the increasing costs of food and energy bills
  • Danni-R
    Danni-R Posts: 641 Forumite
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    Hi, Another one to join the list.

    I've found it really hard. I look at how excited my friends are that have done it with their OH and I wish I'd had that. I have a flat and they have houses. Saying that though the difference in cost is only about £15k.

    It sucks. Its all on 1 persons head, no job no house. house no money.

    I do have a flatmate but I seriously messed up on the budget and way under charged him. I feel I support him sometimes and the only person I have to blame is myself as there is only myself. and there is the end of the rant!

    Glad its not just me though!
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  • youknowwho
    youknowwho Posts: 259 Forumite
    Hi all,

    I am about to buy in the next 18months or so. I am single, and being in the military it is pretty hard to find a BF due to moving around. So, I am planning my house purchase on my own, it's actually quite refreshing to know I don't need anyone else to make my dream come true (owning my own house). Saying that, I am also quite scared that if things do mess up, I don't have anyone else to rely on... so i suppose it's half a dozen of one.....
    Anyway, I live in a cheap area, I can get a 3 bed for 100k which is modern andwill need little doing to it. I am planning on buying slightly bigger than I need so I can rent a room if i need to. I am 25, should be on the ladder by 27 and I would like to be MF asap, but also believe that you have to be happy on the way to being MF, so not every penny I earn will be going to overpay. Happiness should be a way of life, not a destination.
    Would love to hear how any other singleys have managed :-)
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