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  • cagsd
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    I never get any promotional emails or postal mailings from Boots, despite several times over updating my preferences on the account page to say that I want to receive them!! - am resigned to getting nothing off them now!
  • caelshorn
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    I went to the last "point bonanza" to finally replace my expensive treat (ELs advanced night repair), and after paying for it received a voucher for an additional 500pts on top of the 1200pts I could expect at their NEXT point bonanza. Store manager and website tell me it's on the 24th of November. No idea if it's the last one or why I got this voucher, but worth keeping an eye out for.
  • frivolous_fay
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    Meadows wrote: »
    I contacted them and they said I had ticked the no mail (I wouldn't have done that) and since then I have had emails but no post.

    I thought that might be the case... but two emails on separate emails have confirmed this isn't the cause.

    I guess they just don't like me anymore because I like to buy phone credit with their double points vouchers and I don't go in unless they send me vouchers (or I want to buy something with my points... muhahahaha)

    Perhaps they like me less now that I go in less because I don't get vouchers :D

    Looks like O/H is getting signed up :D
    My TV is broken! :cry:
    Edit: refunded £515 for TV 1.5 years out of warranty - thank you Sale of Goods Act! :j
  • paullondon_2
    paullondon_2 Forumite Posts: 5 Forumite
    I notice now though the promo points vouchers state that these can not be used on mobile top ups?
  • keith99_2
    keith99_2 Forumite Posts: 1,234 Forumite
    missionman wrote: »
    Hi, had the same understanding as you. It does say however, a TOTAL of 1000 points will be added for every £50 spent. Very misleading and go ahead with your complaint either by phone or letter. it's an 0845 number so will cost you unless you have a BT line with 0845and0870 included. Hope this helps !!

    My OH had the same understanding, and she works for Boots!!
    This has come up because a customer had a voucher in a mailing saying an Extra 350 points for a £40 spend. Well all she got was the 350 and a few more after spending over the £40. Needless to say, she wasnt happy and made a fuss but they were adamant that the 350 points covered the first £40.
    My OH and some of her colleagues all thought, like most of us, that extra means just that but it seems that it was changed some time ago, but nobody knows when.
    I would suggest that everyone reads the wording very carefully and make sure you get all you are entitled to, even if it means a phone call to HO.
  • Aesop
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    I agree, you now have to read the back of the coupons/vouchers to check T&C, as they are different on each one. Some allow use with other threshold coupons/vouchers but in doing so may cancel out the value of anything like 350 points for spending £40.
  • village_saver
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    Morning ladies - wonder if anyone can answer this -

    I got 200 free points when I put my card in the machine instore -just for the hell of it I put it in again & again each time getting the free 200 points voucher....... here comes the tricky bit - gave the s.a. one of them which she added to my card -if I give over another one in a different branch will it be honoured or will I look a complete **** & be humiliated?
  • borderlakland
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    i had this voucher and printed 3 out :j, but even though they all scanned perfectly in 3 different transactions only 1 set of points got added, so i guess only 1 per card
    Lead us not into temptation...

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  • SARAH570_2
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    Does anyone know when the next Boots points event will be, I have my eye on a pair of FitFlops and wanted to wait until the points event to buy them?
  • rinoa778
    rinoa778 Forumite Posts: 196 Forumite
    By points event do you mean double/triple or even 10 points per full pound spent?

    from 26th May to 30th May 2011

    I might just top up my phone and have a browse.
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