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High Gloss kitchen cabinet doors - good or bad?

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High Gloss kitchen cabinet doors - good or bad?

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indigo1613indigo1613 Forumite
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I'm thinking of splashing out on a new kitchen, and I like the white high gloss cabinet doors I've seen in the showroom. I'm just a little worried about how robust they are (re: scratching, staining, cleaning etc). Has anyone had a bad experience with them? Advice would be appreciated!


  • i wouldn't personally - show up every finger print and may look v dated in a couple of years time

    but that's just my opinion!
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  • betheebeebetheebee Forumite
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    I would go for it indigo, I'm a painter/ decorator and have done several kitchen make-overs. White never dates really, look at bathrooms, besides you can allways repaint them. Fingerprints tend to show more on wood surfaces, and the finish on the doors are hard wearing
    Good Luck
  • i stand corrected!

    although, i would say i've lived with a white kitchen for the last 4 years and i thought it looked horribly dated when everyone else is going for wood - but as i say that's just my preference (and experience)

    i'm about to fit a new kitchen in my new house and will def go for for wood - but i would go with what you like, if you like it have it!
    You'll never see a rainbow if you don't first put up with the rain . . . :happylove
  • Claire_DCClaire_DC Forumite
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    drowningnotwaving - I'm inclined to agree with you, we moved into a place with a white kitchen, and it does look dated - ok it's not overly offensive, but it definitely looks/feels dated to me. If you're looking for a modern kitchen then you're looking for a modern kitchen and any colour can look dated if it's in the wrong style so to say white doesn't date purely based on the colour, imo isn't totally accurate.

    Also the high gloss kitchens do scratch easily, and they do show up fingerprints and marks so much more than wood. Gloss seems hard to clean without it looking slightly streaky too. If you're not going to use your kitchen much, and it's purely a kitchen for show then go for a gloss one oh and make sure you don't have pets that might wreck it too.

    If you want something harder wearing, that will keep looking good and is easier to cleanto a good standard then go for one of the wood type ones.

    We have gone for an Ikea kitchen, the plus side with the kitchens from Ikea is that they have a 10 year warranty on them. Read more about it here:
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  • DoozergirlDoozergirl Forumite
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    I think that the gloss units are actually hard wearing! Yes, you can see dirt when it appears, but IMO this is a good thing; why would you want dirty units?!

    I've lived with high gloss units in two houses so far and I really like then. Had no problem with them scratching at all and because the finish is so smooth I find it easier to remove anything stuck to it (which there always is with a 2 year old in the house!). You just need to dry them quickly with a tea towel after you wipe them with the wet cloth to stop any streaky marks from appearing.

    I would never consider taking a scourer to them, but them thinking about it, I've never needed to. High Gloss Rocks!

    As for dating; everything dates. I can guarantee you that people will be recoiling in horror at shaker style units in a few years time!
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  • acrossacross Forumite
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    ive got the white gloss "space" ones from MFI and they are very nice no problems with cleaning them at all but i dont mind cleaning anyway and i DO use the kitchen very much i love it, i just wipe them all over with a damp cloth and then dry them off straight away with a kitchen roll or teatowel to polish them up and i dont think white dates at all my kitchen before this one was white too and it still looked like new, i have a three and five year old full of sticky fingers and it still looks great as it so easily wipeable! they charge about banging dolls prams and toys into it and it still looks fab so dont worry! enjoy and good luck as the worst bit is getting it fitted!
  • misgracemisgrace Forumite
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    I have a vanilla cream one,bevilled doors, that I got from MFI about 5-6 years ago, I think they are still in stock, its not exactly high gloss, but quite shiny, and I have no problems with it, I just give it a wipe down with a damp cloth, and they still look brand new.

    Every few months or so I do clean the tops, and I wash down the doors with sugar soap, and you will be suprised at the dirt/smoke/ grease that is on it, not a lot mind you, but when you see the water you realise how dirty it can get, but its not notacable in situ.

    After I wash the doors with sugar soap, I then buff up with a dry cloth/teatowel, and they look stunning, and then after that if I get a mark or finger print on them, I just wipe off with a damp cloth.

    If I moved, I would definately go for the same cupboards in my next house.:D
  • skimskim Forumite
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    We bought a B&Q white gloss kitchen over 7 years ago in our previous house & have just moved. It still looks like new & so easy to clean & didn't really ever appear dirty even when you knew it needed a clean. It is one of the features that sold the house within 7 days of it going on the market.
    I don't think white dates because there is always one in the range for sale whereas wood fashions goes from dark to light & back again & colours date quickly.

    The missus has got me ripping out the kitchen in our new house & we've gone for white again.
  • ginvztginvzt Forumite
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    We have just moved into a house with kitchen with white high gloss cabinet doors. While most of the house wasn't clean and needed some elbow grease to be cleaned, these doors where so easy to clean!!!! I used window spray andjust wiped them down with paper kitchen towel and they aer nice and shiny witout any streaks. We just painted the rest of the walls with 'Expresso' colour from Dulux, put 'Grundal' shelves/racks (Ikea) on the wall to store pots, etc. and hang spice rack, chopping board and spme kitchen utensils, got kitchen appliances in white and the kithcn looks really great!!!!
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  • This was my first post on the forum and I didn't expect such a great response! I think on balance I'll take the plunge and go with the gloss white. Thanks to everyone for their comments!
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