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Why don't people own up...

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    I cant believe that if you were stood a few feet away that you wouldnt have heard the impact? metal doesnt damage easily...
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    Some people own up.

    I parked in the supermarket car park yesterday, when a few spaces along someone swung wildly into a space and (loudly) hit the next car. I made a note of the reg in case she did a runner, but next I saw her she was at the information desk in the supermarket, shortly followed by a tannoy call for the owner of the car (reg) she had hit.

    Good for her.
    Je suis Charlie.
  • No ones. If his bumper had not been stuck out at a 90 degree angle I would not have hit it. If you can imagine the height of this bumper would have been in the blind spot where you would judge the distance to the other car by the bonnet as the sticking out bumper was hidden by my passenger door.

    You hit it, so it was your fault.
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    I once had to pull over at a motorway services for a nap. I parked at the far end of the car park, away from everyone else a) because I was intending to sleep and b) because I was in my £35k sports car and was allergic to parking near other people.

    So, I wind my seat back and lock the doors and close my eyes, only for some cretin in a ford focus come and park right next to me, and open his door bang straight into my car. He looked straight at me as he did it.

    I let him get out and stagger into the services. in the meantime I took down his reg and car details, and dated pictures. When he came back I asked him why he had done that, and he denied it.

    Doubt he was laughing when I put a claim in against him via his insurers, complete with all the proof.
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    Somebody did it to me before I retired and then denied it. But I got my own back in the end as one dark and rainy winter evening we came out from work and his car wouldn't start. I took great pleasure in driving off and leaving him there. A bit petty, I know, but if he had admitted what he had done I probably would not have taken the matter any further anyway.
    As they say, "what goes round comes round".
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    wba31 wrote: »
    I cant believe that if you were stood a few feet away that you wouldnt have heard the impact? metal doesnt damage easily...

    She was getting into her car as I left the restaurant which was like half way across the carpark and its a big car park so no I didn't hear it. By the time I walked over and was stood there she backed out and drove off
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