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Any tips for getting National Trust membership discounted?

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    dlevenedlevene Forumite
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    edited 23 November 2019 at 1:05AM
    Looks like the game's up with Heritage NZ, as I received the received the following e-mail from them yesterday

    As a valuable member of Heritage New Zealand based overseas, we would like to notify you about some significant changes in our overseas membership prices and categories. It is the first time we have increased our prices on some categories in 11 years, so they reflect the truer value of the membership package we offer. We are also removing some categories to make it easier for us to manage and for you to join or renew.
    The changes follow an investigation into our membership programme charges and costs. Factors such as postal charges – which have risen exponentially– are impacting us. But it was also clear there was a significant gap between the charges Heritage New Zealand sets for access to NZ and overseas properties and historic places and those of our sister organisations overseas like English Heritage and the National Trust.
    Unfortunately it became increasingly apparent there were many UK nationals using our membership programme simply to enjoy the reciprocal access we provide to properties and events managed by the likes of English Heritage and National Trust. Many people were not aware of, or supportive of, our work in New Zealand.
    We believe the new prices create a like-for-like market for people supporting heritage. Our aim is to promote the message that people overseas can, and should, support their local heritage agencies. The changes enable us to focus more prominently on our New Zealand-based members (and potential new members), as well as overseas members who enjoy visiting and experiencing the unique heritage in New Zealand.
    With immediate effect, there will now be two overseas membership categories priced as below:
    • Individual adult membership NZ$200
    • Family membership NZ$350
    Thankfully, I manged to renew just in time, as in the post today was my renewed (at all prices) membership card until 1 June 2020.

    No doubt some posters will still indulge in a bit of self-righteous schadenfreude though!

    Can you still do this using, say, the Australian Trust?
  • p00hsticksp00hsticks Forumite
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    I beleive the latest one being touted was Malta
  • paul2louisepaul2louise Forumite
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    What about Scotland . That's cheaper and in reality more likely that you could visit scotland
  • millerosemillerose Forumite
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    p00hsticks wrote: »
    I beleive the latest one being touted was Malta

    Details plz :o
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