'Why do teenagers throw pennies in the bin?' blog discussion



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    I'm not a teenager but I hate copper coins.

    I never used to be that bothered about what happened to them, but now my local sainsburys has self service machines I chuck them all in there.

    I've done this in the past with bags of coppers at the self service tills at Tesco, takes a while for the total to pay is reduced but I'm not giving my money to the coin star machines.
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    because contrary to popular belief, neanderthals are breeding & alive and by no means extinct !

    I noticed earlier in this thread a reference to the old farthing. It is true that their use declined due to their small value. However back in the 1950's, money (or change/coppers) had a much greater value due to households trying to keep food on the family table. Today of course people have a comparatively huge disposable income compared to the 1950's.

    In its latter years of circulation the farthing became little used,
    and at one time the main use was in the purchase of bread
    where, after the Second World War, English law determined
    the price. (The standard pound weight loaf cost an amount
    involving an odd halfpenny, so a half pound loaf of bread
    required an amount with an odd farthing...)
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