Miss sold sentinel card protection

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I have just today cancelled my sentinel after 8 YEARS :T
I only recently just found out that i didn't need it at all.
When i took out my credit card i was automatically sent a letter about the cover i had.......i thought i had to have it to cover me against fraud etc???

I'm very angry and i'm wondering if i can make a claim on mis selling, after all i was only 18-19 when i took out the credit card so didn't really understand what it was!!!

Any help, after all they have been taking nearly £250 over the last 8 years

Shall i contact the bank first or sentinel themselves? :mad:


  • cazzaboocazzaboo Forumite
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    ....sorry also what i didn't say was....i thought i HAD to have it as i was automatically signed up???
  • TonylpoolTonylpool Forumite
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    Hi Cazz

    I have the same problem, I'm going to look into mine tomorrow and let you know how I get on

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    Any update on this issue as I've got the same problem. I thought it was needed and I've had £50-£55 taken out since I took the card out 6 years ago when I was 20.
  • magpiecottagemagpiecottage
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    If it was automatically added, or you had to opt out of it, a complaint stands a good chance of being upheld.

    If not then your position is far weaker.
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    You wouldnt have been automatically signed up, you have to agree to the terms and conditions with a signature agreeing to it.

    You have to have a valid reason for making a claim.
    They dont just give you it back automatically.

    'Thought' never assume anything when it comes to other people taking money from yu.
    make the most of it, we are only here for the weekend.
    and we will never, ever return.
  • Hi magpiecottage

    I have sent you a private message

  • Would be interested to see the outcome of this

    I took out a Barclaycard in 1995 and appear to have paid Sentinel for some cover (although it took a while to establish who this was to) for the bulk of the period I have had the card, until I did some digging and cancelled the cover a couple of years ago as it didn't appear worth the money.

    Not sure whether I signed something or failed to tick something when I took the card out but the payment was taken from my credit card every year after that

    Just wondering whether it was worth making some further investigations and whether there was a template as such.

    When I did query it at the time, Barclaycard put me on to Sentinel

    presumably I'd have to check what I signed/filled in when I took out the original credit card
  • Did you get anywhere with Sentinel or Barclaycard reclaiming any card protection money?
  • Did you get anywhere with Sentinel or Barclaycard reclaiming any card protection money?


    I wrote to Barclaycard in the first place and they wrote back to say they couldn't find the policy and therefore I should contact the Ombudsman, even though I'd quoted that it was a Sentinel (rather than CPP policy) and I'd quoted the policy number

    I'd cancelled it in about 2010 having paid it since 1995 but fortunately I still had a couple of Barclaycard statements showing the payments being taken

    I wrote a further letter to Barclaycard based on the mis-sale letters that MoneySavingExpert use and wrote a similar letter direct to Sentinel basically saying I had never agreed to this and that I had been signed up automatically and assumed it was part of the terms of being accepted for the card

    I was basically waiting to get my "sorry" letters so that I could refer the claim on to the Ombudsman when I got a letter from Barclaycard to say that they agreed the policy had been mis-sold, which was a bit of a shock and result

    I basically got all the premiums back plus 8% interest so several hundred pounds (it maybe should have been more but I had no way of checking the exact amount)

    Just goes to show that you should stand your ground, even if they initially say no and if they still won't help, then refer it on to the Ombudsman

    Good luck and let me know if you need further info
  • If I had agreed to having Sentinel on my mastercard but then received ot for free with my bank account a couple of years later should I still be paying for it?

    Is it worth looking at a refund?
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