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New Look MSE: Get a sneeky peek



  • simate
    simate Posts: 999 Forumite
    It'll take some getting used to, it is a little tidier though.
  • shanleypink
    shanleypink Posts: 392 Forumite
    First Post
    looks great! :)
  • flashmat
    flashmat Posts: 24 Forumite
    It's definitely a step up design-wise from the current site, but why limit the width? The current site scales to fill my browser, with the new design I'm left with wasted space down either side of the information, which means more scrolling (yes, I admit, this grumble is sponsored by my own laziness ;) )
  • Ellie2758
    Ellie2758 Posts: 2,848 Forumite
    Combo Breaker First Post
    Why is queensway boy thanking everybody? Is he responsible for the new site or summat? :confused:

    Or just a very grateful boy?
    Ellie :cool:

    "man is born free but everywhere he is in chains"
    J-J Rousseau
  • frugalmacdugal
    frugalmacdugal Posts: 10,077 Forumite
    Name Dropper First Post Photogenic First Anniversary

    looks smart, less cluttered and not so chunky, more streamlined, well done. :T

    Eh, the :money: in the top left hand corner doesn't seem to have aged any in the four years. :rotfl:
  • linzz_2
    linzz_2 Posts: 368 Forumite
    Looks fab! Just having a quick browse and I've already noticed more money saving ideas that would benefit me that I hadn't noticed on here so a definate improvement!
  • kiwi88_2
    kiwi88_2 Posts: 513 Forumite
    Well done to Martin and the team this looks great. It's clear, up to date and should be easier to use. :D

    :T :T Congrats for all your hard work :T :T
    MFiT Member No 85
    :money: Martin says NO :money:
  • Miss_Cakey_Bun
    I love it its so nice and easy to navigate

    Congratulations all round for all the hard work
    Smile laugh love & live
  • MadMac_2
    MadMac_2 Posts: 1,173 Forumite

    Well, what a difference! But I was sitting here taking a peak with my mother, who instantly expected the colours on the section tabs at the top to match with the subjects covered in the coloured boxes below - and I have to say I agree with her! Might be something to consider in next update? ;)

    That forum bubble looks completely lost on my 19" LCD so yes, is hard to miss at first! And redo your picture, I suspect it has been slightly resized, hence the fuzziness?

    The width limiter could definitely be lost without causing any other issues, I quite agree. Then I could see more on the screen!

    On the Fun Stuff section on your front page, the text on three of the boxes falls out the bottom of the box on my Mac when running Firefox and Safari - so a bit of adjustment needed there also!

    Also noticed the spelling errors, but think they have been mentioned already, but if you ever need a proof reader I'm available...
  • Diminutive
    Diminutive Posts: 348 Forumite
    First Post
    its so pixelated it makes me cry! okay its not THAT pixelated. I just honestly feel thats just a few things that just knock down the professional level a bit =/ Like the obvious background of the purple forum button where its just been badly merged in. and then just the pixelation around martin and the MSE name. the alignments of some of the text looks a little off too. i wonder how the forums will intergrate with this new design to, will it just keep the old side panel/layout.
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