Tesco - check your receipts !

I always look at the reduced sections and special offers before doing the rest of my shopping in Tesco, and initially looked at the receipt afterwards to see how much I'd saved. It was then I discovered that not all the offers had been put through at the offer price. Fortunately I live near the store and was able to return promptly to get the reduction validated and refunded. No doubt, the computer hadn't been told, so everyone was being overcharged. I extrapolated this to per store/per year (there wasn't much on the tv that night), and the resultant overcharge would thus have amounted to c£6 million !

And I do wish they would provide all price comparisons for similar products in the same format. Some are per 100g, some per 1kg, some are per 1000g. Not misleading - yah boo!!

The missus hates food shopping, and I'm happy to oblige. I go in the evenings when there no screaming kids (don't worry, I was one too), and enjoy seeking real value for money - but look at those receipts!


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    Tesco are (in)famous for this. The other supermarkets aren't much better, though.

    Pricing, including the price per unit, is covered by the Price Marking Order 2004. It's enforced by Trading Standards. Infringement is a criminal offence.

    PS. Beware of returning promptly to supermarkets to sort out errors like this. If they have a ANPR camera monitored car park, and a "no return within ... hours" condition, you could find yourself with a private parking ticket in the post. They're not legally enforceable, but it's a hassle you can do without.
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    I ALWAYS check my receipts. When I've paid, I move myself and my bags along to an empty till point and take time to study the receipt. 9 times out of 10, something is wrong!!! Co-op and Asda are the absolute worst, but at least Asda compensates me with a £2 gift card for pointing out the error. Co-op just shrug and repair the damage.

    It's a real disgrace in my opinion, because how many busy people just accept the price, maybe they have kids nagging them etc and they leave. Maybe they check at home but how many will bother to get back in car and return to the store to quibble over a couple of pounds?? The Supermarkets must make a fortune out of it....
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    When you've returned to the store to sort out the overcharge, did you make sure they gave you double the difference?

    It's their policy to give you back double the overcharge, but you'd think it came from the manager's back pocket the way they try to shirk out of it sometimes!

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  • I always tell my Mrs R to check the receipt before leaving Sainsbury's since the computer isn't always aware of BOGOFFS and such like. Also when you have end of day reductions with the yellow stickers, the reduced price doesn't always come through especially if the old bar code is visible.


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    nonnatus wrote: »
    I ALWAYS check my receipts. When I've paid, I move myself and my bags along to an empty till point and take time to study the receipt........

    Empty till point??? which Tesco you shop at - I'm going there :D
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  • I never check my receipts i think i will from now on. Thanks fir the advice.
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    You should always check till receipts tesco have over charged my other half loads of times they cannot be trusted.
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    think - if you were 1 p short for your shopping they wouldnt let you have it

    no matter how little they overcharge ..say 1p? multiply that by 1 million so that at least £100000 a day they are stealing from us - we would go to prison for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    so next time oh says its only 1p - remind them of this
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    After finding I had been "mugged" by Tesco in this way I have started a cunning plan as Baldrick would say.

    I have a trolley and put a basket in the trolley....normal no offers go in the trolley and so called "deals " go in the basket.

    At the checkout the deals go first....and since starting doing this 6 shopping trips ago only ONCE has there been no rip off.

    The reason I have a basket is it makes it easier as all the "deals" are at the top of the receipt...or in a block at the bottom.

    The new "catch me quick" I spotted this week was "Just Cook" Beef or Chicken in a foil container....shelf lable announced "Buy two, one half price" what it dosen't say is "Buy two the SAME". Choose one of each and they are both full price!.

    As has been mentioned here it's not just Tesco either....maybe MSE could start a campaign where Martin can get a name in the headoffice of each of the big six and address where we could point out which branches are lacking in theit pricing policy.

    This should flag up how rampant this problem is (and profitable it is) and really if people got together in a place such as here maybe a mass report to trading standards could be made through MSE.

    As it is blantantly illegal....whether it is accidental or not.
  • Tesco has never given me double the difference when I have been overcharged - is this supposed to be their policy? Customer services have always just grudgingly given me back the amount I have been overcharged by - and most times without even so much as an apology for the mistake!
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