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MSE News: Atol travel protection scheme extended

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"Holidaymakers who book a flight and accommodation from the same company, within a day of eachother, will be protected"


  • sphericspheric Forumite
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    The article says "online or high street" bookings, does that mean that the telephone agents are unconvered, or do we have the old Teletext situation where the telephone agents are expected to bond flight+hotel (possibly +transfer) bookings under their own ATOL?

    The definition of "Same Company" may need a close look too. For example, do Ryanair and RyanairHotels count as one company, even though customers access the two sites using different addresses? What if they combined the two sites onto one domain or did something else to integrate the two sites (other than offering hotels in booking confirmation e-mails as is the case now? Do customers have to go digging to find out whether a site uses a different company registration to process hotel and flight bookings?
  • tamiamitamiami Forumite
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    It means if you book them both with the same travel agent, online, by phone or high street. As long as you buy them both together or within a day of each other you are covered, if it is the next day you have to call, or go back to the exact same company who booked the first component, i.e lowcostholidays, on the beach, etc.
  • tamiamitamiami Forumite
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    Obviuously the company has to have an ATOL license!!
    This will be displayed on their website, or ask if booking over the phone.
  • hi does anybody know if you book a cruise direct through Norweigan Cruise Lines and a flight with Monarch both direct how can the independent traveller be assured of ATOL protection/:money:
  • tamiamitamiami Forumite
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    As long as you book them both with the same company, together or within a day, then you are covered, holiday or cruise. But everything must be booked with the same travel agent. A travel agent who is also ABTA covered is preferable as they have additional regulations.
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