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New overflow thread for 11+ers


This is yet another bargain/glitch/DTD/JTD/misprice thread!

We know it's in the 'Gone But Not Forgotten' section!

We know there are at least 2 other threads in which we could post!

Yes, we do talk a lot!

No, not all of what we say is Tesco related or even of interest to many others but this is the way this thread has formed.

Many of us want to discuss the various deals to be had but this was not appreciated on the main Grabbit forum. As such, we now use this thread to talk about anything from how to cook a baked potato to how to get 1p or 4p items through self-scan as quickly as possible. We also discuss ex-husbands, kids and animals. If you have a medical problem we'll nag you until you go to the Doctor. If you're not feeling well we'll provide support, a wee hot drink and whatever chocolate is currently glitching to cheer you up.

And finally, yes we know that some people try to obscure the store names but this works both ways. It might make it difficult for those who don't have the time to sit here and natter all day but it also makes it difficult for staff/managers to quickly identify any issues at their store.

We do try to remember to post new deals in bold. We don't like arguing so we're not going to take umbrage if one or two deals slip through.

Now sit back, relax and feel free to join in. We don't bite (unless you ask nicely), we will help wherever possible and you don't have to post new deals just to feel like part of the group.

Please put all your finds in bold with LAST 4 DIGITS OF barcode and photo if possible so we can chat & still speed read for bargains.

Common abbreviations:

SEL: Shelf Edge Label
DTD: Double the Difference
JTD: Just the Difference
RTC: Reduced to Clear
OOD: Out Of Date
CC: Clubcard or Credit Card, depends on context
HTH: Hope That Helps
SA: Sales Assistant
CS: Customer Services
DD: Darling Daughter
DS: Darling Son
OH: Other Half
DH: Darling Husband
TIA: Thanks In Anticipation
GBP: Great Britain Pound (some people cant get the £ sign to work, or have keyboards set up in "bilingual" mode)
Trout: is the expression used by people on here for cashiers of a certain age, usually female, that are miserable for the sake of being miserable, unhappy in their work, jealous of people with mocs and do their level best to prevent anyone using coupons...try your very best to avoid them at the checkouts..... (thanks to myrtleturtle on the coupon thread for this)
T.i.T.: Trout-in-Training

Link to location of Tesco scanners thread
PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS BY THE SCANNERS!!! Please do not give the staff extra work by leaving your unwanted scanned items - stores will be loathe to repair or replace scanners if they make extra work for staff!

Tesco Head Office Phone Numbers in case you have a problem at the Customer Service Desk: 0800505555 and 01382822700

Here's the link to Tesco Customer Services:

If you still have a valid problem that can't be resolved by the store or Head Office here is the e-mail address of the Chief Executive - Please use it wisely!
[email protected]

Link to Snap-ant's 11+ers Daily quiz!

Please note that we don't supply copies of coupons, it's against MSE rules so please don't ask. Legitimate coupons can be found on the coupon thread here:
The PDF coupons can be saved to your computer as sometimes they get pulled early

This is the link for HappyChappy’s Guide to Uploading Photos to the thread:

neosi's snap tool in Adobe reader guide:

And OldBear's guide to cost-effective coupon printing:

The list of who we all are and where we lurk in real life can be found here:

This is the link to the Daily Mail article regarding 1p finds:

Please see the second post for Hey Dude's Top Tips for Finding Misprices.

And finally a big Thank You to neosi for our lovely new logo
Something unexpected happened which made me smile and still continues to make me smile.




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