Real life MMD: Snooping revealed I'm underpaid - should I ask for a rise?

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Money Moral Dilemma: Snooping revealed I'm underpaid - should I ask for a rise?

My boyfriend's aunt is a hotel cleaner and she told me all the girls sneakily check each others' payslips. Recently, they discovered a couple of colleagues on the same grade get a higher hourly wage. They're considering asking for a rise, though this would reveal they've snooped. Should they confess if it could mean a pay rise, or keep schtum to avoid a backlash?

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  • mayling03mayling03 Forumite
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    There may be a good reason why they are on more per hour? Do they have an old contract? With regard to asking for a payrise, you need to firstly give a good reason and justify yourself as the company will not pay anymore than necessary. If others are on more per hour, this is a poor excuse.

    Best thing to dois, write down a few strong points as to why you want a payrise without revealing the information you have discovered. If they refuse, and you're not happy, then upsticks and go. No point of complaining.
  • Sambucus_NigraSambucus_Nigra Forumite
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    Is this about you asking for a rise, or your boyfriend's aunt?

    How long has she/you worked with the company?

    How qualified is she/you compared to the other staff who are on more pay?

    In what other way does her/your contract differ?
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  • whitewingwhitewing Forumite
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    Hmmm, cleaners looking at confidential info that they shouldn't. This isn't discussing it amongst themselves. This is accessing info that should not be available to them. Doesn't say much for their integrity, does it?
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  • DeclutteringDecluttering Forumite
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    Personally I would take the information I've required as an indication that the company may be prepared to pay more for my work and take it as an opportunity to put forward an argument for a payrise. At the end of the day though I wouldn't consider it a right to be paid the same and I wouldn't push the subject any further if my request were denied as there may be reasons why others are being paid more.
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  • scotsbobscotsbob Forumite
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    I heard of this happening in a small company. The management agreed to a 5% pay rise....... then implemented it across the board so the 2 or 3 hard workers were still ahead of the rest.
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    tallgirldtallgirld Forumite
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    How on earth did they manage to snoop on their payslips? Did they steam open the envelope containing it or something???

    Anyway I would find another excuse to ask for a payrise. eg: The quality of my work etc. I wouldn't admit to 'snooping' to try and get more money!
  • PhuddlesPhuddles Forumite
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    Presumably there are pay bands within a grade. I am getting a pay rise this month, even though salaries have been frozen for a couple of years, because I get to the top of my salary scale. It may be as simple as the higher paid colleagues having been there longer. I would not dream of opening a colleague's payslip to discover what they are earning. :o
  • Hang on... hotel cleaners "snooping" around other people's possessions/documents?

    Name the hotel and we can all avoid staying there.
  • cazpostcazpost Forumite
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    The fact that they are all able to look at each others wageslips is quite aworry isn't it? What kind of arrangement do they have there,where you can all see each others personal details? Can they look through your personal file too? Or is it more worrying,that they are in fact steaming open each others pay packets ? There are several reasons why someone might be earning more,perhaps they were taken on at a different time under a different contract,or they have done something in the past that warranted an additional rise? Possibly they got a pay rise for not snooping? The fact that one person is being paid more than another is not a justification for a pay rise in itself. It also doesnt show that the company is willing to pay more-why would they pay more when the majority are doing the job for less.If you really want to ask for a pay rise you need to do it based on factual examples of why you deserve one. Bear in mind though that if the company agrees 'all cleaners get a % pay rise',the others will still be paid more!
  • JooFoxJooFox Forumite
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    Basically these people who get paid more as a reward for being better negotiators. I earn more than my colleagues because I negotiated harder and took risks in asking for what I thought I was worth.
    Utterly shameful that these cleaners have been dishonourable to their employer. I agree that it is worrying that these people are let in to rooms with peoples personal possessions when they are know to snoop. I would report them if I were you, or tell them to confess.
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