Are you taking a holiday this summer?

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  • We never take a "holiday" as such. We may visit family (now in Germany) two or three times a year, (previously we lived in Spain befiore escaping back to the UK) - that is always a struggle, financially.

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    Saving and, in the past, a preference for spending money on material objects that I'll get enjoyment out of for years to come always takes priority for me.

    When I have my own home I'd like to go on holiday more but for now it's just weekend camping trips away with my friends.
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    After years of not taking holidays we now have two a year both abroad one in March & a second in September .

    We never plan to go to a particular destination but pick up bargains by subscribing to holiday newsletters .

    Our last holiday in March was a week AI in the Canary Islands & cost less than £300.00 , a week in Morocco 5* AI last year was only £388.00 .

    My OH has never visited London for the simple reason that the travel/accommodation costs etc are far to expensive also for the time it would take us to travel we can fly to somewhere were we are guaranteed sunshine . :)
  • Im taking my 11yr old son camping to the lakes and a few other undecided places . . Dont know which catagory that fits into. Single parent
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    yes, going to Menorca with friends. We are planning to do a bit of cycling, a bit of kayaking, a bit of swimming and some serious relaxation.
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    I often travel at short notice, depending on how busy work is. Although I haven't made any plans this year, I'm sure I will have several short breaks abroad.

    Camping to me is not a holiday, it's a nightmare. I'd rather stay at home with the heating on full blast.

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  • were going to france for one week in july, we usually go on holiday once every summer but only in europe, mainly france or spain,
    france this year will be with my mum and dad, my partner, and my little girl
  • We ( me, hubby and 12 year old daughter) normally go abroad,but last August we went camping in Tenby for 2 weeks and had the best time ever ! The weather was fantastic and we have decided to go again this year !
    Can't Wait.
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    We went on holiday Skiing in Finland a few years ago but since then myself and my partner holiday in the UK usually in the Lake District as we are this year as well and I can't wait!

    We are getting a puppy this year so that will be the end of holidays abroad for us more or less, not that I mind because the UK is an amazing place with so many great places to visit as well.
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    We (me, husband and 1 year old) havn't had a holiday since she was born and won't be having one this year either. Lack of funds mostly. :( But we are saving to hopefully go abroad with her next year when she'll appreciate it a bit more.
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