Are you taking a holiday this summer?

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    Do some camping in the UK, but always go abroad for our main holiday - too wet in the UK. Funny seeing as we have a hosepipe ban at the moment - although if this rain continues, what's the bets they'll be flooding!
    Going to Florida in August. 1st time to Disney for me as well as the kids. Can't wait.
    Costing a bloody fortune though, but refuse to take the kids out of school.
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    4 days in the New Forest over the Jubilee Weekend, B8B with a friend. Love it down there! nothing else planned but may have a few days out with friends
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    Using the Tesco vouchers for the channel tunnel fare for the camper van again. When we get off don't know where we'll go. France? Germany? Spain? Switzerland? maybe even drive up through Denmark to Sweden. Only limitations are the tunnel crossing dates.
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    OH and I are going to the Olympics this year :D I have tickets for 2 events and OH has tickets for 3. The hotel and flight costs are astronomical :( so even though we're only going to be there for 3 nights it's more expensive than our main holiday the following week which is 9 nights in continental Europe, including flights and tickets for a week long music festival!!
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    My sister is getting married in the Summer, so we are going to Turkey for 10 days as a 'girls trip away' before the wedding.

    However, we are lucky in that her fiance owns a flat that so we are only paying for flights and food etc.
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    Im off to Greece in august for a friends wedding – it’s the first proper holiday (beach, sunshine, relaxing) that Ive had in 9 years so Im extremely looking forward to it!
    One of the best things is that I’ve booked into a different hotel to everyone else (theres about 40 going) so I can have lots of ‘me’ time!!
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    A 2-week staycation for us, either in the north of scotland or lake district
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    Looks like a week in our own cottage for us later in the year when we have very few bookings
    Owner of a cute cottage in the North York Moors :j
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    TBagpuss wrote: »
    My sister is getting married in the Summer, so we are going to Turkey for 10 days as a 'girls trip away' before the wedding.

    Mine is getting married in November, so we're all off, AI, to Marbella :j
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    We go away most school holidays,just about to book for two weeks time a villa for three weeks ..hopefully!! We get about 2 a year were our 13yrs old does not want to come..(heaven)
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