Are you taking a holiday this summer?

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[FONT=&quot]The year is moving on apace. Easter’s gone and the next big break is the summer. Do you have holiday plans?[/FONT]

Which of these is nearest to your situation for your main summer holiday?

[FONT=&quot]Individuals / couples

[FONT=&quot]No holiday
[/FONT][FONT=&quot]Nothing this summer, I / we go away at other times[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot] Staycation (holiday based at home)
Staying away in the UK
Trip in Europe / the Med
Trip further afield
Undecided / not sure

Families with dependent children

No holiday
[/FONT][FONT=&quot]Nothing this summer, we go away at other times
[/FONT][FONT=&quot]Staycation (holiday based at home)
Staying away in the UK
Trip in Europe / the Med
Trip further afield
Undecided / not sure[/FONT]

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  • warehouse
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    We've holidayed in the UK for the last 4 years, (mainly in a tent). After 4 years of washouts my Wife put her foot down this year and said she wants a hot holiday with lots of lying in the sun.

    So it's a European break, probably Spain, for our family this Summer, (3 kids).
  • Alikay
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    Our holidays are really important to us as a family, so I'd make savings in all sorts of other areas before going without a holiday.

    We have about 3 holidays/breaks a year of varying lengths, and this year more of our cash will be spent on breaks in the UK. We've always loved the UK as a holiday destination, but over the last 2 or 3 years we've preferred to support our UK economy more rather than jump on a plane. Higher costs abroad make the UK seem less of a rip-of than it used to be, too!
  • skintas_2
    skintas_2 Posts: 1,679 Forumite
    went to sharm el sheikh in march for a week with oh and 2 kids 9 and 12. something we look forward to all year. i think you need somthing to look forward to, stops my partner from wasting his money every week. i dont buy any new clothes use last summers, or bought in the last sale. make sure i get the cheapest date goin. this is my and oh christmas presents. go allinclusive as well, it works out cheaper on food and drink. cant aford to go in schol holidays. i suffer from bipolar when im there i just switch off its the best medicine in the world bit of sun and the lovely flowers, when back home its cold and snowing. i was goin to turkey but found i could cheaper prices at home.
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  • Sharon87
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    I'm going to Disneyland Paris this year for my holiday. It's only a weekend away, 1 night Disneyland, 1 night Paris. I haven't been on many holidays in the past few years, only 3 nights in Rome in 2010. I am going to Download Festival though which I'm classing as a holiday.

    I tend to mostly do day trips to various places, Brighton, Brands Hatch to watch Touring Car and other days out. I can't justify spending hundreds of pounds on 1 or 2 weeks holiday. I like to spread out my fun. But I do have to save to go to South Africa in 2 years for my brother's wedding! (first time outside Europe it will be)
  • Well I suppose technically my big holiday this year is going travelling round the world with OH in August/September, but in terms of more 'holiday'-ish breaks we're going to Malta for five nights a week on Thursday, just the two of us, and then having a week in Cornwall in June with my family. I'm looking forward to the Malta trip in particular, I really need a break!
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  • Camping in Wales (Shell Island) again for a week this year.

    Me, Mrs Chillimonster and the little Chilli's (11 & 14) in a 6 man tent for a week.

    It was my first time camping last year and LOVED it, lots of quality family time away from it all which is what is most important.

    Since the kids were born they have been very well traveled, including the Canaries (4 times), Turkey, Spain, Cyprus, and an all inclusive 5* in the Dominican (hence why i'm up to my eyeballs in debt!), but they said that the camping trip was one of the best holiday they had!

    I'm also saving really hard to try and get a week abroad next october as well as another camping trip, so fingers crossed.
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  • MartJ
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    Already had one holiday in Wales in March, glorious weather, probably was this years summer!!!

    Away for a few days in early summer with grandchildren.

    Our main holiday this year will be 2 weeks in France again, 5 times in the last 6 years a country we both love with great food and wine and the people who we have found are quite friendly.

    We rent a cottage with pool, which is cheaper than renting a cottage without pool in the UK. Usually take a leisurely drive down after the trip through tunnel (Tesco Vouchers used for fare), less stressful than UK roads and the diesel's much cheaper!

    The last time I spent 2 weeks in the UK for a holiday was sometime in the early to mid 90's, when it rained for the best part of the 2 weeks and we said never again!!
  • onefortwo
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    Algarve, August, half-board, Thomson, 10 days, me, missus, daughter (12).
  • Tarry
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    Travel is important to me :) So I am going away this year. I went away last month to Jersey for 6 days and later on this year I am going away to Ireland :) I also day trip to France 3 times per year.
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  • Prinzessilein
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    I haven't had a holiday for the past few years.

    I am disabled. Living on benefits means that I need to make every pennt do the work of two (as my old gran used to say), holidays are a bit of an uaffordable luxury. Also, my disability means I am often housebound - it is not easy to find a place that will take me for a holiday. - and those that do cost more!

    However, I am blessed because I live very close to the sea. In the summer season the locals tend to avoid the main beach - which is packed with tourists. But most local people know of a few out-of-the-way spots, For me, I like to go with my carer to a local park on one of my 'good' days. The bus stops just outsoide. A short walk - with stops at the plentiful benches! - takes us to a spot on a cliff top where we can get the most amazing sea views. I like to take a sandwich for a picnic lunch, and then I will take a few photos to give me inspiration for sketching back at home.
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