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50+ Baby MoneySaving Tricks - official forum discussion

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Hi all, this thread is specifically to discuss the guide:
We want your feedback - what worked for you, and are there any other baby discounts, tips or tricks you've found that could help other MoneySavers? Just click reply to share your feedback.


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  • I have a 10 month old son who I have successfully breastfed with complimentary foods added at 6 months. I estimate for about £6 more per week I have a much healthier diet because I am thinking abiut both of us. I have gone back to pre- pregnancy weight effortlessly. Vs A friend's daughter had twins a few months ago and she is spending £50+ per week on infant formula.
    One of the best ways to save £££s and improve health of mum and baby as a bonus is to breastfeed. The WHO recommends breastfeeding for 2 years and beyond- this means no need to even buy formula.
    Due to the lack of maternal and sisterly support - as many won't have done it themselves- planning, lots of reading and finding a support network is the key to success. Educating friends and family helps them support mum better. 2 books (which could be ordered from local library- also worthy if mention as money savers) which are enlightening for family etc about avoiding spending to excess looking at a world view are: The Politics of Breastfeeding: When Breasts are Bad for Business by Gabrielle Palmer. And the same author's book on complimentary feeding. The NCT PDF leaflets are also excellent.
    "The Politics of Breastfeeding: When Breasts are Bad for Business" is very educational re how we are manipulated by big business in our behaviour.
  • Shop around and buy nappies on offer and don't be afraid of own brands. My LO has a mix of all types.x
  • I buy all my sons clothes second hand and sell them on afterwards.

    He is 9 months and yesterday I bought a bundle of 12 pairs of trousers, 6 t-shirts, 2 pairs of shorts and some other bits for £15 in age 2-3

    I plan ahead.
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  • Puffin74Puffin74
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    Definitely don't buy too many clothes before the baby's born which I know it's tempting to do - as friends/family tend to buy lots of clothes or maybe ask for vouchers instead that can be spent on baby when they're a bit older!
  • Check out Freecycle/Freegle for equipment, you don't need everything to be brand new. I bought DS's car seat new for safety, and his cot mattress, but his cot, moses basket, chest of drawers for the nursery amd pram/pushchair all came second hand. His highchair was a gift (or I'd have looked for a second hand one of those as well)!

    Join clubs like Boots parenting club and make any big purchases in their sales and you'll get points that you can use in store later (e.g
    to help with Xmas shopping).

    Find your nearest childrens centre and get in touch before little'un arrives, they can let you know about breastfeeding support, parent and baby groups, classes on weaning and potty training etc. and just generally offer support and help if you need it.
    If you lend someone £20 and never see them again, it was probably £20 well spent...
  • kingfisherbluekingfisherblue
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    I second Freecycle, you can get most things that you will need. Always buy new mattresses and car seats though.

    Use pillowcases over a Moses basket mattress, much cheaper than sheets, and you just pop the mattress inside, folding the end of the pillowcase underneath.
  • vicstick86vicstick86
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    The mse ebay app is fab, ive managed to get baby grows, monitor, swing chair etc, etc all for a fraction of the price.
    carboots, nct nearly new sales and little pickles markets... they are amazing!!! Well worth checking out if near u!
    Finally keep an eye out for asda, aldi and tesco baby events...
  • get a cheapy bouncy chair!!!!

    people will want to help out if someone offers - accept it - if they cant help financially see if they can do some homemade ready meals for you

    get muslin squares - you will use these more than you can ever imagine

    just because there is a new thing that babies NEED doesnt mean they need it they need the basics and anything more than that is something you want

    ask for help when you need it dont wait until things are at crisis point (eg asking someone to run to the shops for you to grab something rather than having to go to the local shop and spending more for the same thing)

    if buying in a shop then haggle! the worst they can say is no

    write to baby companies telling them you are about to have a baby to see if they can offer any free samples (they often send discount vouchers too)

    sign up for all the baby clubs - i am still in sudocream from when my LO was born 4 years ago :D

    buy a good camera and take lots of pictures they wont be little for very young and you will need evidence to embarrass them with when they are teenagers hehehehehehehehehehehe :)
    The only people I have to answer to are my beautiful babies aged 8 and 5
  • How is breastfeeding not on this list?!?!
  • you must have romper suits for babies it. I recommend this item for babies :)
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