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Thai food!!



  • System
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    I have wizzed some defrosted frozen value prawns(drain and squeeze well 1st) with a blob of red thai paste, an egg white, some chopped corriander and a bit of cornflour. pulse rather puree.

    Make into patties and fry in a little oil,serve with a dipping sauce of
    fish sauce,lime juice,some sugar,sliced chillies and corriander,drop of water.
  • minxtress
    minxtress Posts: 774 Forumite
    thanks i just have to decide what to make!!! All sounds pretty simple though. We have great thai store round the corner so can get pretty much anything we want.
  • tarya_arienne
    vixtress wrote: »
    not thai i know but has anyone ever made there own sushi?
    i love it but not sure how fiddley it would be

    My mum and I have made sushi before, we found that it's pretty easy if you get the rice 'sticky' enough (otherwise it all falls apart). We used different smoked fishes in ours mainly becuase we werent sure about raw fish, not very authentic but still very nice! Also we put stuff in the bottms of those flexible icecube trays and squished rice on top, then turned them out after ten or so minutes and they looked really good, but not all of them worked :rolleyes:

    T-A xx
  • tarya_arienne
    Have just made hot and sour soup, it's delish! Will be making more of this methinks!!
  • needaspirin
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    This is my favourite Thai soup served with a bowl of rice. I always used to eat this wherever I travelled in Thailand. The version I make at home is this one:
    Tom Yam Kung

    · Serves Four ·

    3 cups / 24 fl oz / 675 ml chicken stock
    3 stalks of lemon grass cut into1 in / 25mm slices
    3 kaffir lime leaves
    12 raw medium-sized or 6 large prawns (shrimps), shelled but not deheaded
    5 oz / 150 g mushrooms, halved
    5 fresh small whole green chillies
    ¼ cup / ¼ oz / 10 g coriander leaves and stems, sliced
    3 tbsp lime juice, or to taste
    ½ tbsp fish sauce, or to taste

    Boil the stock in a pan, add the lemon grass and lime leaves, then the prawns (shrimps) and mushrooms. When the prawns are cooked, about 8 -10 minutes, remove the pan from the heat and add the rest of the ingredients. Let stand for 5 minutes, then check the seasoning, adding more fish sauce or lime juice, or breaking up the chillies to release more heat as required. The soup should be spicy - sour and a little salty.
    Serve accompanied by rice.
  • wyebird
    wyebird Posts: 755 Forumite
    Prawn toasts are nice. Mix some value prawns spring onion egg and water chestnuts, if you have them, into a paste and spread it onto sliced bread. Cut into quarters and then press into a plate of seasame seeds and either deep fry or spray with a little oil and oven bake. Nice with sweet chilli sauce. You can make them with minced pork or chicken as well.
    My SIL is Thai and she makes some great stuff.
  • hotcookie101
    Hi all,
    I am making a red curry tonight with duck. I have a tub of red curry paste (it is an authenic one from ethnic supermarket rather than regular), coconut milk, duck breasts (with skin) onions (red/normal/sweet) and sugar snap peas.

    have never made red curry before. How best am I to cook it? Do I cook the duck separately to get crispy skin or should I remove the skin and stir fry it in the curry paste? cook it with onions etc then simmer in sauce until cooked, adding sugar snaps near end?

    Any thai food experts please let me know how to make my dinner!
  • Samphire
    Mmmm hotcookie, I love thai duck curry.

    Hopefully someone who is more than an expert than me will be along soon, but I''ve done thai green curry with duck in the slow cooker, I'd imagine same principles would apply to red curry and hob. I browned the duck first, there was s lot of fat in the finished dish which I skimmed off after letting it stand for 15 mins or so.

    My method was:
    Fry duck off to brown it, then put in preheated slow cooker
    Chop a couple of spring onions and fry for a minute with some of the curry paste (I used 4 tbsp paste for 4 duck portions but my paste was from Mr T's, yours may be stronger?)
    Add veg (I used a diced green pepper for green curry though I think sugar snaps would be even nicer), can of coconut milk, stalk of chopped lemongrass and 1 tbs fish sauce, bring to boil and pour over duck.
    Cook on high for 2 hours

    If you're not slow cooking you might want to add a bit more liquid (and you won't need to cook that long) but the basic method made a yummy thai curry!
  • TKM
    TKM Posts: 28 Forumite
    I would score the duck breast and rub some salt into the skin. Then pan fry the duck skin side down for five or six minutes, turn the duck to seal the base for a couple of minutes then place in a preheated oven around 180/190 for 15 to 20 mins.

    While the duck is cooking I would add about 2 tbsps of the red curry past to one tin of coconut milk and warm over a low heat, don't allow it to boil. When the duck is ready slice it diagonally into 1cm slices, add to the coconut milk and paste and leave to cook on a low heat for about 15 mins.

  • hotcookie101
    MMMM I made it this way and was absolutely delicious. I did use a little more paste (around 4tbsp which was recommended on the paste) and didn't add the pineapple but it was SO good, I never usually like coconutty currys but OMG is a new favourite!

    Yum Yum Yum :D

    (PS the paste was in a massive bag and had loads left so have frozen it in an ice cube tray-it will be ok won't it? I mean it only cost about £1 but waste-not-want-not eh ;)
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