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Aircon Regas

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  • Ten98Ten98 Forumite
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    Main dealers are normally more expensive unless they're running an offer, and the offers have all mysteriously dried up now that the Sun's out.

    During the hot weather, Honda want £80 and Kwik-Fit will do it for £50. The cheapest is "Formula 1" which will do it for £45 but there's not one nearby for me.

    Since the law that passed that you're not allowed to fill aircon without checking for leaks, everyone uses the exact same machine that automatically checks for leaks while it fills, so there's no benefit in going to the dealer really. Other than if they *do* find a leak they can fix it there and then (and charge you £300 for a bit of metal pipe).

    I'm pretty sure mines not leaking, it's just been a few years since it's been filled.

    So I guess I need to suck up my pride and drop the car in at the trained monkeys :(
  • abacababacab Forumite
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    ATS did mine for £44.95 yesterday.Add on the fungal spray and its £55.
    World of diferrence.On the 02 plate,and completly empty of gas.
    No leaks found though,just never refiiled!(had the car 7 years)
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    BuzbyBuzby Forumite
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    It appears KF are doing the £29 offer again (via a voucher) but it is well hidden, and not available directly on their website. Look here, and select the link;

    Currently this links incorrectly to the Breakdown Discount, but they might fix it.....


    After complaining to the voicher site - they updated it:

    Expires: Jun 12, 2012 Submitted: Apr 9, 2012

  • trikidytrikidy Forumite
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    Any offers about now? £49 is cheapest I can find
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  • RB2013RB2013 Forumite
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    I used a guy in Essex who charges £44.99 took an hour and half and got a sheet for my service records
  • trikidytrikidy Forumite
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    Was that for a regas or for a regas and a check?
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  • reeacreeac Forumite
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    Air Conditioning Re-Gas

    It is recommended that you should recharge your air conditioning system every 2 years with gas and lubricant, in order to keep it running efficiently. This is not included as part of a routine car service and so it can often be overlooked. If your car is more than 2 years old it is more than likely due a re-gas.

    Due to it's dehumidifying properties, when operating fully efficiently, your air conditioning system will also de-mist your windscreen more rapidly in cold weather.

    Mine's 15 years old and has never been regassed but that's probably because I use it all year round. As the second para. says, it has its uses in Winter too.
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